Lee Da-hae Enjoys Her Vacation in France

After some break from SNS, Lee Da-hae is back again updating us through Instagram on her whereabouts and she is quite generous about it these days!!

I always appreciate how she take the time to get back with her friends after her busy schedule whenever she has drama filming and that is exactly what she did and have been meeting with her friends may be even on daily basis. The first picture below is from a dinner with some of them ^^

After that she headed with another friend to France and to be exact to Paris and Bordeaux visiting some restaurants and wine makers there. I think Da-hae’s mom joined her lately and seems they may be going to a tour in Europe alone together for the upcoming days as per her latest update above ❤

Check below for the wonderful pictures from her trip, hope she keeps updating us 🙂

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Lee Da-hae Attends a Friend’s Wedding in Jeju


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Lee Da-hae have been quite since her drama “The Good Witch” finished airing. We do know she love to enjoy some private and vacation time after any project so this is nothing new 😉

Away from any comment on the drama or her performance, our girl has worked hard for this drama playing dual role and does deserve all the rest she can get but hopefully she does update us from time to time and my wish as always for her not to let us wait for a long time before taking another project since I always feel empty not seeing her on my screen!!

Thanks to her friends we have got to know that she attended a friend’s wedding that was held in Jeju island a couple of days ago. Check more pictures below ^^

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Lee Da-hae’s Drama “The Good Witch” Ends on a Happy Note

TGW Finale Wedding 1

Although it has been 10 days since “The Good Witch” finished airing on the 5th of May but I still can’t let this drama go yet 😦

Honestly the finale wasn’t very satisfying for me but at least the writer did give the OTP their happy ending and didn’t do something foolish in that part :p

Watching Lee Da-hae, Ryu Soo Young and Lee Han Seo in that sweet little wedding scene made me forget all about my problems with the drama and finale. I just love them so much and miss them already ❤

I do plan to make a proper review for the drama specially since I didn’t actually write about it much while airing but I not sure when I will have enough energy and time for that 😦

For now, check the last batch of stills and BTS from the drama ^^

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Lee Da-hae Is So Evil as Do Hee in “The Good Witch” with the Drama Airing its Final Episode Tomorrow

In latest episodes of “The Good Witch” marked the come back of the younger twin sister Cha Do Hee and she turned more evil that it is really hard to watch her scenes and not want to slap or beat her up!!

I personally didn’t expect that Do Hee will turn out to be this way but I am kind of glad they did go for that since we get to see Lee Da-hae doing this type of character ❤

I can’t believe that we will have to say goodbye to “The Good Witch” tomorrow!! I am so curious how they will wrap up this drama and give a closure to the characters and specially the twins and their final confrontation and hope they don’t leave me with a big disappointment at the end. But in all cases I am really going to miss this drama and my girl on my scree T_T

For now check below some BTS and Stills ^^

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Lee Da-hae in “Mom’s Diary ~ My Ugly Duckling” Variety Show


It is quite late to post about this but again better late than never 😉

Lee Da-hae appeared as a guest MC on SBS variety show “Mom’s Diary ~ My Ugly Duckling” (Aka. My Little Old Boy) Episodes 80, 81 and 82 which aired last month and earlier this month.

I didn’t watch the show before but I truly enjoyed it and now I can understand why it is quite popular!! The program is not focused on guests who watch the sons’ footage with the mothers at the studio but despite that, I really loved the few minutes in which we got to see Da-hae interacting with other MCs and mothers who were so nice to her as well as her reactions to the footage. She was fun as always 😀

Go watch the episodes if you haven’t, I am sure you will enjoy it as well ^^

Now, check below some BTS of our girl before and during the filming ❤

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Happy Birthday Lee Da-hae!!

I am sad that I am rather late this year saying my Happy Birthday to our dear girl but what to say, my connection usually betrays me when it actually matters 😦

But anyway, better late than never and as always I wish health and happiness to Lee Da-hae who have been a great source of happiness for me and many fans and hopefully she will bless us with more happiness as she continue to shine as an actress ❤

On this day, our girl updated her Instagram with the pictures below she took while she was filming “The Good Witch” and she said that although she was sleep and tired but she still felt full of energy thanks to fans who have gifted her with many cakes and presents. She looks super cute here ^^

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Lee Da-hae and Ryu Soo Young Film a Dating Scene in Gangwon for “The Good Witch”

As mentioned before, on the 9th of April Lee Da-hae, Ryu Soo Young and other cast members traveled to Gangwon, Korea to shoot on the beach the first official dating scene between Sun Hee and Woo Jin in “The Good Witch” after coming to show their feelings for each other with a kiss at the end of last week’s episodes ❤

I am so looking forward to this scene which will be shown in today’s episodes and as you already know by now how much I love the chemistry between these two so can’t deny that I am excited for more romantic moments between their characters after the last development.

But it seems this dating scene might be the calm before the storm with the big revelation of Sun Hee’s identity and her sister involvement that is expected to happen as she is now conscious so I will savor this moment to help me endure the angst that is coming ahead.

Da-hae updated her Instagram with the above picture during their filming and ooh, these two being playful and Da-hae bright smile being surrounded by the pretty nature gives me life ^^

Check below for more stills and BTS pictures 😉

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