Lee Da-hae And Her Secret Places

Although it is so late to say, Happy New Year everyone ^^

I just noticed this is actually the first post I am writing on the blog in this new year!!!

The drought is so real with near to none news about our precious girl and my hopes for her soon comeback declines by day 😦 and it doesn’t help that I am so away from all the Kdrama buzz and immersing myself more in other stuff but I do try to keep myself updated on the industry news from time to time.

But I still miss her eveyday and my greatest wish still to see Lee Da-hae again on my screen hoping to be in this new year and not have to wait till next year or who knows when T_T

Anyhow, I am trying to endure this drought with the little Instagram updates that Da-hae have been giving us who have been quite generous this week 😉

Check below her latest travel photos to some secret places that still yet to be revealed 😀

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[Updated] Lee Da-hae’s Tour in Japan

Seems one of Lee Da-hae goals this year is to tour whole Japan 😀

She has been going on trips there for the past few months visiting different cities and enjoying different seasons there. I assume she is also spending this holiday season there.

A few days ago she updated her Instagram mentioning she was in Naoshima island where she took the above picture.

Check below more pictures from Japan and others ^^

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Merry Christmas!


Happy Christmas to Lee Da-hae and Everyone, hope you all have a great holiday!!

I know I have been lazy updating here and I apologize for that but I guess this is a good occasion for coming back and post here 😉

We have been in a draught of Da-hae news for months now except a few reports or updates from her on SNS. I still check her Naver daily for any sight of news about her comeback project and hope we get something soon since I am so bored without her on my screen and I became more and more away from Korean dramas altogether.

The last news we got about our girl is her attending a Beauty Seminar for ANYA cosmetics in Seoul back in October.

Check below some updates from Da-hae, a Christmas video message from her via ANYA and some pictures and videos from the event.

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Lee Da-hae Busy with her Little Garden

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#해피추석#해피데이 되세요!!!!!

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Long time didn’t post here, but nothing much to miss lately related to our girl ^^

Lee Da-hae is still mostly on a vacation mode with relaxing at home and some trip(s) to pretty places ❤

Seems she have been taking interest in planting and making a little garden in her house that she uses its products in her own cooked dishes!!

I always miss her on my screen and hope we get some good news about possible project before the end of the year.

Check below some of her latest Instagram updates

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Lee Da-hae Obsession with Food

Seems Lee Da-hae is obsessed with food lately!! :p

She has been cooking lots of yummy dishes these days and also she goes out trying delicious food either in Korea and even abroad. I really hope she eats well since she is always managing a strict diet ^^

The pictures above from a date with some of her friends and ooh, she is going to drink her face 😀

Da-hae made a quick trip to Japan at the beginning of this month with her golfer friend and thankfully we got to see some pictures of them there which you can find below. Also check more updates from her as she enjoys her vacation travelling, cooking, spending dates with friends and playing golf ❤

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Lee Da-hae in “Hanbam TV”

On the 7th of August, Lee Da-hae appeared in a segment on SBS entertainment program “Hanbam TV“. It was recorded days earlier while she was shooting Ads for ANYA cosmetics.

It was great seeing her on TV again since her drama “The Good Witch” finished airing back in May. Our girl was so cute in this segment with her interactions with the MC who made a cameo in her drama and with that cute dog, I would love to see a photo-shoot just of those two together ^^

Hers is an article about what she mentioned in the interview. Happy to hear about ANYA’s sales increase during all those 5 years she has been their model and I hope her hair loss problem is not severe and hopefully she find a solution for it soon but generally I am always glad to see her being honest and open about how she feels in public whenever she is asked about anything. It is one of her many charms IMO ❤

Check below for a video cut from the interview and also few BTS and Ads from the photo-shoot

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Lee Da-hae Shooting New Ads for ANYA Cosmetics

It has been about a month since I have posted here which seemed SO long mainly because of lack of news about Lee Da-hae who since returned to Korea after her vacations in Europe and Japan was quite low key enjoying her usual personal activities there.

But gladly she is finally back with some work activity today as she updated her Instagram from the photo-shoot she was doing for ANYA cosmetics new ads. She renewed her contract with the brand back in April and I had wondered since then of when we will see her shooting some new Ads for them. I hope they release the Ads soon and we get to see them used more often than the last ads she done for them.

Seems she also recorded an interview for SBS “Hanbam TV” entertainment news show while filming the Ads based on her message below and it will air on Tuesday the 7th of August. Can’t wait to see it ^^

Check below for more pictures and updates ^^

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