Lee Da-hae Enjoys Her Trip to London


For the past couple of days, Lee Da-hae has been busy with her scheduled events in London but that didn’t stop her to enjoy the city during her free time and luckily she shared many pictures on her Weibo and Instagram while doing so and those pictures are very nice to see, she looks happy and I so love her street looks❤

Sadly we didn’t get many pictures from the events themselves so I will wait for more days hopefully we get some decent ones and more videos as well.

Now, check our girl’s pictorial like SNS updates ^^

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Lee Da-hae Heads to London


Lee Da-hae was spotted today at Incheon International Airport heading to London to attend “The Fashion Awards 2016” tomorrow the 5th of December. Also it was reported that she will also attend the opening party of MCM store in London on the 6th which will also be broadcasted live on Naver TV App here.

I so missed our girl and her airport fashion. She looked really nice today. I love her coat and you know I always prefer her in similar hairstyles and the best part is surely her lovely smile😉

Check below for more pictures❤

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Lee Da-hae to Attend The Fashion Awards 2016 in London


OMO, what a wonderful news out of no where?!

Today our girl’s agency revealed that Lee Da-hae has been invited to walk the red carpet of The Fashion Awards 2016. The event is held next Monday (5/12) at The Royal Albert Hall in London.

Da-hae will attend the ceremony along side Rain and both of them are said to be the first Asian celebrities to be invited to the prestigious event.

The Fashion Awards is a major award ceremony that is been held annually in the UK since since 1989 and honors rising designers and models who made major contributions to the industry throughout the year. This year it will also feature a campaign where all of its profits will be donated to the British Fashion Council Education Foundation, a local charity that offers support to future talents who have the potential to make contributions to the fashion segment.

The event will be broadcasted live on Naver V App here and they uploaded this teaser and you can also check the official website for the event.

It has been years since our girl walked the red carpet of any ceremony so for her to do that in such big international event, is making me so excited. I really hope her stylist, makeup artist and hair dresser step up for the occasion because it will be really a shame to have a disappointing look that night.

Credit: Naver, Yonhapnews


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Lee Da-hae Sings for “Best Lover” OST and English Subtitles are out for the Drama


We know Lee Da-hae is no singer but she has a passion for music. I am always happy that despite her knowing her limits as well, she never was afraid to sing and perform for us at many occasions and now we can add another song to the list as she sang a duet with her “Best Lover” singer co-star Zhou Mi for the drama’s OST.

The song is called “Best Couple”/”最佳情侣” (as the Chinese title for the drama) and it is used as the opening theme and also played at many scenes in the drama. It is a very cute song and our girl’s voice is so cute as well singing in Chinese❤

No official full version of the song is released (I really hope they do release one soon) but because I wanted to listen to it repeatedly, I extracted the audio from the drama scenes and did some editing to cut the dialogues. Although it is not perfect but I hope it is decent to listen to. Hope you enjoy it ^^

Also another good news, thanks to our dedicated Da-hae Soompi fans (Ely and Annya) we are finally getting English subs for the drama, YAAY!!!

I didn’t expect us to get subs for the drama any time soon but they stepped in to provide the subs for us all to enjoy the drama more. Can’t thank them enough and I’m proud that this translation project coming out from Da-hae fans❤

Check below for the “Best Couple” Song and English subs link🙂
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Lee Da-hae’s Drama “Best Lover” Hits 200 Million Views


After about 2 weeks since it started airing, Lee Da-hae‘s drama “Best Lover” hits 200 million views Youku and got 9.6 rating on the site. Also it has been ranking in the Top 10 online ratings in almost all days since released. I’m quite glad to see our girl’s drama getting good response specially after being away from the drama scene for more than 2 years so congratulation to the her and all the drama cast and staff.

Through those 2 weeks seems that Youku changed their strategy in the release the episodes, may be in trial to use the decent success of the drama. Till now they released 6 episodes for free users while episode 7 and 8 are only available for members and seems they will open those for free users and release 9 and 10 for members on Monday (00:00) which is few hours from now and will keep releasing 2 episodes per week every Monday and that would mean that “Best Lover” will end its run by the end of December.

OK, those were the good news but on the other side, our girl’s cameo in “Love Through a Millennium 2” which was supposed to air on the 16th was cut from the 1st episode of the drama. I am quite angry with this specially that we got a confirmation news from Da-hae’s agency about it but seems that things may be getting worse and China started to really take more actions with the ban of Korean celebrities in the country which we knew about before.

With “Best Lover” now already airing and seems safe from such actions, I hope that her other Chinese drama “My Goddess, My Mother” will be safe as well and already got the approval for airing since some of the latest reports about this issue said  that “Programs that have been approved by reviews and meet the official guidelines of entertainment programs have been excluded.” I am glad that I have “Best Lover” to keep me away from thinking about that too much.

Now here are some stills and BTS pictures released from the drama ^^

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Lee Da-hae’s Drama “Best Lover” Start Airing on Youku


It is finally here! I’m partying here because seeing Lee Da-hae on my screen again is enough reason😉

And seems our girl is also quite excited about her drama airing since she is updating her Weibo with all the new previews and episodes links.

Best Lover” started airing on Chinese popular online video website Youku on Midnight, November the 14th. They uploaded 6 episodes for VIP members but free users can watch one episode per day.

So you can now watch the 1st two episodes on Youku even if you are no member. Here are the links.

Episode 1 | Episode 2

You can also check the latest previews and BTS from the drama below🙂 Continue reading


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More Trailers Released for Lee Da-hae’s Drama “Best Lover”


It is just 2 days chingus till we see Lee Da-hae‘s on screen again and I can’t help but feel excited and also worried because I really don’t want this drama to left me disappointed after such a long waiting time.

Youku have been releasing new trailers daily for “Best Lover” and while I have learned not to judge a drama through those but at least I am satisfied with how they are giving the introduction to this drama through the trailers although I really wanted to see more of our second male lead and other secondary characters.

Check the released trailers below and let me know what you think🙂

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