Lee Da-hae’s Cameo in “Love Through a Millennium 2” to Air Next Month


OH, even with 5 dramas on my watch list my days are pretty slow and boring for the last couple of months since we don’t get an enough dose of our girl!! But at least now we have some good news.

After all the news of the tension between Korea and China including some reports about more regulations on K-Celebrities appearances in China’s entertainment industry, seems things are looking better now as we finally got official news about Lee Da-hae‘s cameo in the Chinese drama “Love Through a Millennium 2” which she filmed back in June and seems they gave the OK to air her part so YAAAY for seeing our girl on screen again even for just a few mins and hopefully these will be memorable enough❤

The drama did go through a casting change with replacing Korean actress Yoo In-Na with Taiwanese actress Puff Guo which resulted in re-filming her scenes and pushing the drama airing date to start in the 9th of November.

Reportedly our girl’s cameo is going to be in the 1st episode of the drama and I just can’t wait for it ^^

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Lee Da-hae At Busan One Asia Festival

Today Lee Da-hae attended the Busan One Asia  Festival (BOF) opening ceremony as the main MC. It has been since 2011 since her last hosting job and also this marks her first public appearance in Korea since last February and also her first after her dating news came out.

I was quite worried about her because we know she is quite a sensitive person who usually doesn’t like to share that much about her private life and during the last weeks she had to endure the hate and bad comments and responses on that and she looked really pressured, tired and a bit out of shape in her latest SNS updates but I am glad that despite it all she carried her job as the main MC alone in the event effortlessly and done a good job IMO with so many viewers in attendance also she used some of her multilingual skills speaking in Korean, English and Chinese.

About her look, mm…. I can’t say I am loving or satisfied with it at all specially the makeup and hair and I guess I would have liked the dress more if it is in different fabric but as I repeat myself, seeing her alone makes me happy specially at this time but it also made me miss her more because who knows when we will be seeing her again after this T__T

But I guess at least I have something to keep replaying till then😉

You can watch the full concert here or here and also check below for more pictures from SNS and media ^^

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Introducing Lee Da-hae’s Boyfriend “Se7en”


Through the past few days with the recent dating news about Lee Da-hae and Se7en, I found myself thinking that as fans we all have a homework to get to know the man better specially that many fans do not know much about him as they don’t follow the Korean music industry.

I have an advantage since I already liked listening to him many years ago and did follow his news and come back in recent years and thanks to my free time these days I thought to do a post about him since he surely deserve one😉

I think that the first step to know any artist is through his work and that is what I focus on in this post and it is more about my view on him as an artist and on his career path.

Hope you do enjoy it ^^

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♥ Lee Da-hae and Se7en Confirmed to be Dating ♥


I’m a bit late to the party but here I am😉

On the 7th of September, news broke about Lee Da-hae and Korean singer Se7en being a couple which was later confirmed by their agencies!!

This is the first publicly confirmed relationship for our girl and I would like to think that this means something special. Before getting into more details I would like to congratulate both and wish them happiness❤

I’m not a person who like to follow artists private/love life but you know that when it comes to our girl I care about every detail🙂

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Lee Da-hae Enjoys her Vacation

After recently wrapping up filming her drama “My Goddess, My Mother“, Lee Da-hae has been resting but fortunately she updated us yesterday on both her Instagram and Weibo posting the picture above. Although we don’t know exactly where and when this was taken but I just hope she is enjoying her vacation after 3.5 months of continuous filming. She surely deserve some rest but still I wish it won’t be very long vacation😉

This picture with Da-hae smile and lively colors of the “FAUCHON Paris” restaurant is so catching and she looks fabulous in her casual attire❤

Till we get another update or news about our girl, check below some unseen stills and BTS videos for MGMM🙂

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The Future of Lee Da-hae Chinese Dramas

I’m sorry that I am delivering some bad news in this post but I can’t ignore mentioning it as I know many fans already eager to know any news about seeing Lee Da-hae on screen again specially with her being done filming 2 Dramas already for which we have been waiting to hear some news of their airing date.

Unfortunately seems our wait won’t be ending soon. There have been multiple news about China’s intent to restrict/ban Korean stars and their activities and projects in the country some were not quite accurate and many were confusing, but even though things still not clear and no confirmed news stating to what extent they are going to take that, it seems it will be hard to cast Korean stars in Chinese projects in the future or until something new come up and seems like some projects have been already affected even though it wasn’t publicly shared that this latest news were the reason behind those changes.

For the reason behind all this, I think this article is quite useful to read. While I’m not in place to judge the reasons behind this (I hate politics) but all I can say is that it is a big mess and it just feels wrong to ignore all the hard work people involved have done in the already done or contracted projects!!

Now the question, how this will affect our girl’s dramas “Best Lover” and “My Goddess, My Mother“?

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Lee Da-hae At “True Love” Charity Concert

True Love Concert 20

Oh the Olympics has been taking almost all of my free time. I even missed celebrating the third anniversary of the blog which was on the 9th and didn’t remember it until I saw WordPress notification a couple of days later!! sorry for not being able to make a special post for that but I have to thank all of you who have been here for this long, reading my thoughts about our girl❤

Now back to Our girl, as per plan Lee Da-hae attended “True Love” charity concert on the 6th in Chengdu, China. I am not fond of our girl’s dress or hairstyle there but I do like her makeup and she looked quite nice and fit for the event.

There have been really a lot pictures posted so it took quite sometime to collect all and chose the best to post here. Check them below along with some fan taken videos😉

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