Lee Da-hae’s Dog “Cherry” Loses Eyesight

It is really sad to know that our precious little Cherry who we got really attached to as fans of Lee Da-hae through the years, has gone blind recently 😦

The dog is now 18 years old and given his age, it is not unusual to hear about him having some health issues. Cherry is still so cute and cool and I wish he keeps fighting and healthy from now on.

I am also happy that he has Da-hae and her family taking care of him as he starts adapting to his new life without his eyesight. She showed some videos as she bought him a guard to protect him from getting hit as he takes his walks.

Check more updates about him below ^^

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Lee Da-hae Celebrates Her Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to our most precious girl Lee Da-hae!!

I am so happy seeing her celebrates her birthday and receive blessings from her family, friends, and fans. Hope she enjoyed her day and for her to continue to be healthy and happy for more years to come ❤

Check below more of her celebration pictures ^^

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Lee Da-hae Joins FN Entertainment


After 3 years with JS Pictures, I guess Lee Da-hae‘s contract was now over and she decided not to sign again with them and instead move to another agency “FN Entertainment” which also managing her “IRIS II” co-star Im Soo Hyang.

Actually, I have been expecting such news for a few weeks now and it was finally officially released yesterday. While I am not expecting much of this new company since we know Da-hae usually have some free will regarding her choices and what she does but hopefully, this move could mean her eying a new project soon *crossing fingers*

Now we know that the photo-shoot she had last month was actually for her profile for the new company, check some of the pictures below ^^

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Lee Da-hae at Galleria’s Night – [Photos and Videos]


On the 25th of March, Lee Da-hae attended the 26th oriental billboard music festival, Galleria’s night in Shanghai. This marks her first work visit to China since she finished the filming of her Chinese drama “My Goddess, My Mother” and the ban on Korean stars activities and projects in the country back in 2016.

There is still no news if we will ever get the chance to see that drama airing but I am glad that she finally has an activity in the country after this long time. She is one of the attendees along with a long list of Chinese and Korean stars like Jang Dong Geon, Song Ji Hyo, and Ha Ha.

I really love both her airport casual look and her elegant offwhite dress for the event also her light makeup and simple hairstyle and accessories complimented the looks. Overall couldn’t ask for more 😉

Check below some of her great pictures ❤

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Lee Da-hae In A New PhotoShoot?

Our girl is certainly back on track with more activities and works these days. Here is to hope that this could mean we get to see her in a project soon enough *crossing fingers*

Lee Da-hae latest Instagram updates are from a new photoshoot but I am not quite sure what it is for? is it for a magazine or a new endorsement or something else?! Hopefully, we get to know soon and we see the final version of these photos ❤

Check below other updates that I didn’t post about before ^^

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Lee Da-hae at Seoul Fashion Week – [Photos and Videos]


It has been months since we got to see our girl making any public appearance (her last was ANYA’s Beauty Seminar in Korea October last year but it wasn’t actually covered by media) but to my surprise she did a multiple appearances in the past few days so look forward to more posts to come on those 😉

First, we got to see Lee Da-hae attending Miss Gee F/W Collection at the Seoul Fashion Week. We know she admires the designer so it is great to see her attending one of their shows at last.

I love that white dress and her whole style was quite great as well. Good to see her back walking on a red carpet although she almost tripped 😀

Check more pictures below ^^

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Lee Da-hae And Her Secret Places

Although it is so late to say, Happy New Year everyone ^^

I just noticed this is actually the first post I am writing on the blog in this new year!!!

The drought is so real with near to none news about our precious girl and my hopes for her soon comeback declines by day 😦 and it doesn’t help that I am so away from all the Kdrama buzz and immersing myself more in other stuff but I do try to keep myself updated on the industry news from time to time.

But I still miss her eveyday and my greatest wish still to see Lee Da-hae again on my screen hoping to be in this new year and not have to wait till next year or who knows when T_T

Anyhow, I am trying to endure this drought with the little Instagram updates that Da-hae have been giving us who have been quite generous this week 😉

Check below her latest travel photos to some secret places that still yet to be revealed 😀

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