Lee Da-hae for Elle Magazine – April 2013 Issue

Something that 2013 gave us and I am grateful for is that we got to see Lee Da-hae featured in many magazines issues.

I will post about them all but not in order and I choose to start with this one as it is my favorite from them 🙂

This is the pictorial she done for April issue for Elle Magazine endorsing Coach Bags. What I most like about this one is the hairstyle and makeup on our girl, it is just perfect for her IMO.



It is a pity that we didn’t get to see big HD photos of all the pictorial but you can have a glimpse of the other pictures included in the magazine from these scanned pictures from fans and the additional picture Da-hae posted in her Weibo.


Credit: Sina, LDH Weibo and LDH Baidu bar



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