Lee Da-hae the Puppy Lover

Lee Da-hae has updated her Weibo today with a cute, fresh and lovely picture which actually made my day 🙂

Her complexion is the source of envy for many (and I am surely one of them 😀 )

And I love that cute caption she added that truly describe her perfectly as the “Puppy Lover” ^_^

Here is her message:


I took my dog to get his hair done at the hospital. Waiting in front of the hospital because it’s not done yet! I was waiting while I took this. Because you can’t take pictures while driving!

We know that she is indeed a big Puppy lover and she already have 2 puppies “cherry” and “strawberry” (yes those are her favorite fruits too 😀 )

And let me take this opportunity to post some of pictures of her cute self with her cute puppies ❤

And also have a video in which she introducing strawberry to us 🙂

Translation Credit: kpopstarz

Pictures Credit: Marie Mullin, LDH Twitter, LDH Weibo and LDH CYWorld


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