Love Actually [Chinese Drama 2012] Review

With this news about Love Actually airing in Korea coming up,  I felt so happy that while Da-hae is now on a break and we don’t know when she will pick her next project 😦 some Korean viewers will still get to see her in this drama.

I thought this is a good time to write a brief review about the drama. I am not that good of a writer or a critic but I am just posting my personal feelings and opinion for the drama 🙂

[Warning: this review may contain spoilers]

The Good

  • Da-hae and Joe had an amazing chemistry on and off screen, actually amazing may not be enough word to describe it. Their kissing scenes were both hot and sweet. How much I wish to see them together in the same frame again whether it is another project or even a CF or an event (praying)
  • I really loved the first half of the drama, we got tons of cute and lovely moments for our OTP and to be frank that is the thing that sells this drama for me, hehe
  • Joe overall look and style was great, this was my favorite look of him. It made him so manly and mature (yes I am that shallow to put this in the good points 😀 )

The Bad

  • We must admit that this is not a high quality drama and I don’t think this was their goal while making this so, you can find the writing so naive and the events are predictable. But I treated it for what it was made for not what I want it to be.
  • The second half of this drama kind of ruined it for me (I think it began when the ex-gf appeared) because we started to get all kind of cliches (I don’t need to talk about the Hao Feng (Joe Character) imagining he is kissing Zhi Xia (Da-hae Character) while he was with the ex-gf and then get up forgetting what happened and then deceived by his ex-gf as she claims to be pregnant “cough”) and I felt the drama lost its description as a rom-com as it turned all dramatic on us. At that time I didn’t find a character to root for (as I thought all the characters’ actions are ridiculous)  and really missed seeing the strong and independent personality of Zhi Xia which I loved in the first half (although they gave us a glimpse of that again in the last few episodes) With that said, I still loved the OTP scenes in those episodes. That scene when they coincidentally meet in the garden and talk with genuine smile on their face then walking backwards away from each other not wanting to leave with teary sad face and the other scene with Hao Feng (Joe Character) biting the hand of the teary smiling Zhi Xia were my favorites ❤
  • I was sad that I didn’t get to hear Da-hae voice while watching this. I admit that even though she didn’t go the easy way and actually spoke most of her lines in Chinese but her Korean accent wouldn’t have helped the drama. And in the end I actually wasn’t annoyed by the dubbing but as an obsessed fan I just missed her voice 😀
  • I was so mad at Hunan TV for cutting many parts of the drama (including some action and kissing scenes) and although the full version of the drama aired on another channel this year but I didn’t get to see that version till now and not sure if I will actually get to see it one day 😦
  • I didn’t always love Da-hae hairstyle and makeup here specially when they messed up her hair and her bang which didn’t  compliment her beauty at all.

Overall, I enjoyed the ride just watching my OTP Zhi Xia and Hao Feng/Da-hae and Joe together.

Have some OTP stills (No, I admit a lot 😀 ) ❤

And also have a  MV I made to enjoy their amazing chemistry in action ❤



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14 responses to “Love Actually [Chinese Drama 2012] Review

  1. samzzy

    Aq dear, Samzzy so happy when you wrote this, so so happy, and you nailed it completely, you are a good writer and MV producer in the making.


  2. Gold

    Not too bad, Love Actually is just a mediocre product. Da Hae’s performance there is also mediocre.
    Your next Chinese project MUST be DIFFERENT, Dahae!!!!!!!!!!!
    Li Yi Feng is so cute! But, Feng ge, you are not too young, I hope you’ll find a push in the right direction soon. I wanna see you as an A list star in the future.


    • Yes, let us hope she pick better Chinese project next time. I think those type of idol dramas don’t target to offer much to begin with, so it is no surprise to see this as the final product.

      And about LYF, personally I think he is a good actor and actually better actor than a singer if you ask me 🙂 so it is good to see him concentrating on acting now.

      I think he has been filming dramas non stop since LA (I think he finished filming 3 dramas and filming another one now) but none has aired yet so not sure about the dramas quality (although the trailer of the one he is filming now which I saw is so weird and I can say it is not my type of drama at all) but it is good to see him offered leading man roles now 🙂


  3. oliviacherry

    ap, u are so nice to share such wonderful blog,love u !


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  5. Thanks to reading this review I started watching this drama. I’m on ep. 11 and so far I really love it. Lee Da Hae is an amazing actress, and despite the annoying dubbing, it shines through with all her subtle and funny/cute expressions and actions. She’s far more talented than many of the Taiwanese drama actresses I’ve seen. I also love Joe Cheng (Those icy, intense eyes!) so to me this is an amazing fusion. Their chemistry is really great from the start. I can see how it’s going to turn dramatic now that the cherished *stock* is lost and they are scrambling to remake it. It’s like a bad foreshadowing. I’m not sure if I’m watching the full version? It’s on gooddrama and it’s 34 40min episodes. I think I am. There should be more drama ‘fusions.’ with Korea. Like how about letting some of Taiwan’s finest actors (Joe Cheng, Feng Shao feng, Lan Cheng Long…) act in a Korean drama? That would be awesome.


    • OH thanks for reading and commenting. I am so happy to know that this post was the reason for you to start watching the drama and as a fan I am proud reading that you liked Da-hae acting, her face expressions was totally amazing specially in the first half. Hope you enjoy the rest of the drama too.
      That version you mentioned is the full version or at least the one Hunan TV did broadcast but unfortunately they did cut some parts (fighting and kissing scenes). I hate them for that and till now I personally didn’t find the uncut version online T_T
      About Joe, I admit that he stole my heart watching him here ^^ and I am so happy with his collaboration with Da-hae which is the main advantage of her doing this project IMO ❤
      Lots of Korean actors/actresses did projects in China/Taiwan/Japan but we have yet to see some of those countries stars go to Korea to make a project and I agree that it would be really interesting.


      • Oh boo! It’s a shame they cut it. 😦 I guess the only way is to see it full is on DVD. There is also one on Youtube that Viki hosts, but the quality of the video is awkward and jerky. Not sure if that is the real full one. Lee Da Hae is one of my favorite Korean actresses. I’ve enjoyed many of her dramas. I also liked your post on LDH and Jang Hyuk! I haven’t seen Iris 2, (I didn’t see 1 either, but now I’m not too interested.) but I saw their others and they were great. They particularly shined in Robbers, because the focus was on them together. Though Chuno is a terrific drama. I’m watching it through for the 2nd time now.


        • Actually there was another channel in China that did air the uncut version of the drama but I still didn’t find videos from it 😦

          I totally agree with you about Robbers. And about IRIS II, you surely aren’t missing much for not watching it 😉 it is funny that while I do hated that drama, it ended up being the most drama I did posts about here 😀 but I made peace with it somehow now after watching the movie version which I did a recap for here.


  6. I almost wanted to watch this drama since I’d like to see Lee Da-hae with other actors besides Wookie (not exactly a fan of romcoms or dramas in general, well, except for Hotel King) but from watching the MV you made and reading about an ex-gf coming into the picture, it made me feel like the story wouldn’t be that great in the long run. BUT the song you used in your MV is super cute and gives me feels. May I know the title and singer? Thank you so much!!


    • The song is “Ready for Love” by Olivia Ong 🙂
      Actually the song is used in the drama and while this and other songs in the OST weren’t made specially for the drama but they did choose them very well and I so enjoy all of them ^^

      Liked by 1 person

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