Lee Da-hae Super Star T Pictorial (2011) – [Photos and Videos]

This is 2 years old pictorial Lee Da-hae did for StarHwabo (it was shoot in 2011 in LA) but at that time they didn’t release all the pictures included and from time to time we get some unseen pictures. Just lately we got to see at last many pictures from it, it is better late than never, right? 🙂

What really stands out for me in this pictorial is the lighting and their attempt in some of the shots to express Da-hae sensation by different times of the day with different lighting. We see her playful and cheerful in the shiny sun, sad and her eyes full of thought at the sun set. In addition to some sexy and gorgeous pictures illustrating her perfect body ❤

I am trying to show some artistic sense although I know I am failing, hehehe 😀 .

I am pretty sure that there are more photos from this pictorial that didn’t come out yet but I am already satisfied with how much we get to see and so I thought it is convenient to post about it.

Enough talking and will leave you now to take a look at this beautiful picture collection of the goddess Lee Da-hae 🙂


Also some BTS pictures 🙂

Also here is the MV they did from the photo-shoot called “New Sensation”

And also have the BTS videos of the photo-shoot

Credit: StarHwabo, As tagged, Sina, LDH Twitter, samzz@LDH Soompi thread, Soul Museum B


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