Bare face vs Make up, What is celebrities’ choice in humid and hot weather?

Even after the rainy season is over, the humidity in Seoul is up to 80%. The weather of ‘sauna’ has begun.

In this weather, seborrheic dermatitis can easily occur on facial skin so it is important to put a light make-up on. To fight against this weather, celebrities put on a bare-face make-up.

The reason they choose bare-face make-up is that dirt and sweat on face cause skin trouble so they avoid putting a regular thick make-up.

‘Flawless skin’ Lee Da-hae, Hong Jin young

Lee Da-hae and Hong Jin young are known to have perfect flawless skin. On Weibo account, Lee Da-hae posted a self-photo, in which she shows off her flawless skin.

Meanwhile, Hong Jin young showed a completely different look without any make-up on MBC ‘Human documentary I love people.’ Since Hong always appear on TV with thick smoky make-up, her pure and natural look captured the audience’s hearts.

The common fact in their make-up is that they both corrected the skin tone and put on coral coloured lip item. The two celebrities both focused on showing off the skin’s natural glow rather than emphasizing with colourful make-up.

Credit: Btn News [by Choi Hye min / translated by Cho Suyoun] 


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2 responses to “Bare face vs Make up, What is celebrities’ choice in humid and hot weather?

  1. Must Have Boxes

    I love both looks!


    • Yes me too 🙂 but I still prefer light makeup or even better bare face specially on my girl Da-hae ~~ It makes her look so natural, young and obviously show her flawless skin ❤


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