Lee Da-hae attend Levi’s new jean launching event in Shanghai, China

Actress Lee Da-hae flew to Shanghai, China to attend new Revel jean by launching event held by Levi’s.

On August 6, new women jeans ‘Revel’ launching event was held in Shanghai, China and Korean actress Lee Da-hae attended the event as a representative muse in Asia.

The new jeans are made by Levi’s patent technology ‘Liquid shaping,’ its high quality denim and innovative details. As Lee Da-hae attended as a representative guest, she showed up in perfect jean fit and received a great amount of attention from local media. As a leading fashion icon, Lee put on indigo denim pants and denim blouse as a match and also told her denim styling tips in Chinese. As Lee has been working in China, she communicated with local press without an interpreter.

At this event, nearly 100 influential fashion media from Asia had attended and showed attentions toward Lee Da-hae. The event was led by consecutive programs such as talk show with Lee Da-hae, dancing fashion show by models, and presentations.

During the interview, Lee Da-hae said, “As I’m jean mania, my closet is full of jeans. I’m glad that Levi’s has launched a new line that creates a perfect fit.” “I am honored to introduce ‘Rebel’ jeans as a muse and I hope many women find a perfect fit in these jeans,” added Lee.

The new line ‘Revel’ can now be found in all the Levi’s stores in Korea.

Credit: Btn News [by Cho Suyoun], photo by Levi’s



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