Lee Da-hae become Free Agent

Among so many news reports that came out yesterday about Da-hae, one small report made me specially happy and relieved. That report mentioned that our girl has become FA (Free Agent) after she left her agency “Forestar”

Here is the link to the report:


As there is no translation for the news till now, so I am not sure if her contract actually expired with them or it was a mutual agreement for her to leave at this time. I don’t care about how it is done because  in any case  I am just happy that she left them in the end.

You may wonder what is the happy news in this, so let me explain the reasons for me and all her fans to be happy about this news 🙂

In addition to bad reputation and news fans got about this company (which I won’t mention here), my main problem with them was that I see they surely didn’t manage her well at all in this 1.5 year.

Her only project under their management was “IRIS 2” because although she filmed “Love Actually” when she was under their management but she signed to the project before that when she was a free Agent after DBM. And “IRIS 2” was actually offered to her personally when producers approached her through her friend Kim Seung-Woo (so it was not all their effort) and to say at least it was a BAD project that didn’t add anything to her skills as an actress.

Also they didn’t manage to get her many CF contracts and we didn’t get to see her in many activities neither in Korea nor China outside of her drama promotional events and activities related to it but in the contrary she spent lots of time in LA which surely don’t help if you want to find your self a good project.

And to be frank, Da-hae management during the last 3 years has been the main problem that hold her career back and reached sometime to involve her in Law suites. I am not putting all blames on them alone as I still blame Da-hae herself but how can you be a good management if you can’t guide your stars to take the right decisions.

Da-hae tended to choose small companies that was established by one of her long friends or managers. I think she like to work with people she can trust and in small companies to have more freedom than working with big companies. But unfortunately her trust was in the wrong persons because yes even if you are friends when it comes to business everything change.

During the management of her last 2 companies (DBM and Forestar), she actually failed to make her big screen debut after dropping 3 movies under DBM and we heard no news about any Movie role for her under Forestar,  she wasn’t offered good quality projects (I will make an exception for Miss Ripley) and also the dramas she did under their management none ended up to be very successful either in rating nor on internet.

Also they didn’t manage to publicize her well enough but most of her news or activities was thanks to her own efforts and her friends, in addition to that they definitely didn’t get to manage well the controversies around her or protect her from the attacks she faced and left her alone to defend herself. And even DBM was actually the reason for some of those controversies.

About the 3 movies she dropped, one didn’t get materialized and was cancelled because of financial issues. The other one she dropped because of conflict in schedule after many delays in the start of shooting but due to the bad management (IMO) she was hit with a law suite for breach of contract and the last Movie was a Chinese one that actually was the reason for her to leave DBM because they did receive money from the producers without her knowledge and before she finalizes her decision to appear in the movie.

Now, enough talking about the past and I will just look forward to her future.

She is now under “HS Media” management in China but she still need to decide on her management in Korea. I really hope she choose her next management wisely. I don’t know much about agencies in Korea or their reputation and capabilities but I know some names. I won’t guess any names from them because I actually did that last time she was FA and all ended up not as I was expecting.

But personally I think at this point she needs big company that have power to get her more projects offers which means she will be have bigger chance to choose from them better quality projects that can push her career forward and put her on the right track once again and also help her to make her big screen debut because yes believe it or not she still has to do her debut after over 10 years in the entertainment industry !!!



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3 responses to “Lee Da-hae become Free Agent

  1. samzzy

    Aq, that’s a very nice and honest view on our girl path in K-Entertainment. Past is past, what we are waiting for is a good career and her whole heart commitment in acting. She has so many talents, but wasted because of greediness from both parties as well. She’s responsible on her fate as well, she choose them and let them handle her life. Luckily, she’s aware now, but her path still not easy.


    • Thanks dear. And yes, it is years from harm and regress so surely the path won’t be easy.

      But one can only hope to enjoy seeing her talent fully used in the right way once again.


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