Lee Da-hae the Talented Actress who came close to be a Singer!!!

Lee Da-hae who has been actively working as an actress for more than a decade now, actually was offered first to be a singer as a member of the Korean girl group Jewelry.

Yes you read it right, actually I think many people don’t know this info but Da-hae mentioned that in an interview back in 2008. She said then “When I debuted 5 years ago, my company asked if I was willing to join Jewelry. I was very agonized back then. But I decided not to because I can’t really sing that well.

And even though she didn’t become a singer in the end but she have a special passion for music and so she did sing some songs in her CFs, dramas and in some of her appearances on variety shows  (I may do a post about those later).

But I will only talk here about her digital single which was released in 2007 and in which she made a cover for “I Love Rock n Roll” song originally released by the British band “Arrows” and was covered later by many singers including Britney Spears in both Korean and English languages.

She did release that single for her performance at “2007 MKMF awards” ceremony in which she was the MC and the proceeds of it went entirely to funds like the Donors Camp and to benefit underprivileged children.

Personally I am happy that she took that decision because I totally agree with her that she is not that good as a singer and no doubt she is surely better as an actress and thanks to that decision we got to enjoy her acting 😀

But I still think she did a decent job on this one and I generally love her as a performer who although may not be the best singer but in the end I can enjoy her singing performances and we can see the efforts she put to entertain us while showing that side of herself.

And guess what, actually “Alan Merrill” the lead singer of the first ever released version by “Arrows” and co-author of the song praised her !!! I think she surely should be proud for gaining his admiration and as a fan I am proud too ^_^

Here is what he said about her and her cover for his song 🙂

In November 2007 he made this post in which he mentioned her

I was trying to get to Little Korea in Manhattan. It’s a small area between 32nd street and 35th street on the east side of Fifth Avenue, lined with shops selling Korean services, food, and merchandise. I was there looking for the latest cover version of “I love rock n roll” by Korean superstar Lee Da-hae, a gorgeous actress in her early 20’s.

Her video of “I love rock n roll” is all over the internet, and the young lady has done a great job on my song in both languages, her native Korean and English. Ms. Lee Da-hae learned English as a child living in Australia. I think the single could establish her as a world class artist, so I’m paying attention to the distribution of her CD. 

Bi-lingual artists are still rare and innovative. After much searching, I found it wasn’t available yet in New York. It was only released in Korea last week I believe, so it might take some time to get to New York’s import shops. I couldn’t find a copy.

Having sung in both the English and Japanese languages myself at roughly the same age, I respect her very much for her ambition and pioneering spirit. It’s combined with considerable talent, looks and professionalism, so she has a shot at international fame, at least in my opinion. That’s the latest in the “I love rock n roll” story, which is ongoing I’m pleased to say

Also he even defended her posting on Dramabeans himself; also on November 2007; when some criticized her. Do you believe it? 🙂

To all,

I enjoyed and appreciated Lee Da-hae’s cover of my song “I love rock n roll.”

When I wrote it, it was intended as a song of playful seduction, and as an actress this young lady has interpreted the lyric and original concept of the song perfectly. Those of you who are so knee jerk snap-critical, please don’t be so judgmental of this pretty lady, who in my opinion has got it right on my song!

For me this is personal. I have also done recording in two languages (English and Japanese) and I respect anyone with the guts and ambition to do the same.

She should be applauded for her bright life spark! Those who are critical of her are probably either jealous, blind or deaf.

All the best,
Alan Merrill

And just few days ago he posted again about her cover for the song on his twitter:

I Love Rock N Roll! I Love Lee Da Hae! Great dance cover of my song!

Now take a look at the video clip of the Korean version for the song 🙂

And about her stage performance for it in the MKMF awards ceremony,  I really LOVE that one so much and her drums performance at the beginning was AMAZING IMO and she totally rocked there ❤

Here are the videos for that performance and the rehearsals for it.

Credit: Pictures as tagged, Coolsmurf blog, YT Videos Uploaders, Dramabeans



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3 responses to “Lee Da-hae the Talented Actress who came close to be a Singer!!!

  1. Wow Alan Merrill is fanboying DaHae lol! He should tweet her! I hope she knows how much he has praised her. I’m supposed to be working so I’ll have to come back to check these videos.

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    • Hahaha, yes the shock for me was not that he mentioned her cover for his song or that he liked it but was when I saw that he took the time to comment and defend her against criticism!!!!
      I also hope she knows about this. She surely would feel proud.

      Liked by 1 person

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