Lee Da-hae the Selca Queen

Although we may not see Lee Da-hae attending many activities or under the media spotlight when she doesn’t have a project but from time to time she update us through her Twitter, Weibo and Cyworld before that.

Through her Selca pictures, we saw her studying Chinese, studying scripts for her dramas, filming her dramas or CFs and photo-shoots, sleeping, feeling sick, eating, drinking, putting face mask, swimming and underwater, celebrating some personal and public event, traveling, with friends and co-stars, attending games, enjoying her vacation, playing with her dog, playing with her phone, waiting or preparing for some events and even taking a shot at hospital!! 😀

It is always great to be more close to celebrities away from their projects on screen and Da-hae updates always makes me happy but I really hope she do that more often.

Here are some of my favorites of her ❤

Cute Da-hae Relaxing

Da-hae At Airport Traveling to Japan for “IRIS 2” Filming

Da-hae Working out

Da-hae Studying Chinese Language

Da-hae with her Chinese Language teacher

Da-hae Thanking fans for gifting her snacks on the set of “Love Actually”

Da-hae with Joe Cheng at the set of “Love Actually”

Aunt Da-hae celebrating the birth of her nephew ❤

Da-hae at last filming day for “IRIS 2”

Da-hae beautiful even underwater ❤

Da-hae with her friend and “Love Actually” co-star Anna

Da-hae after Arriving to China for her fan meeting

Da-hae warming herself

Da-hae filming music video “Dance for two” with Will Pan

Baby Da-hae 🙂 drinking juice

Da-hae on her vacation in LA

Da-hae taking a rest with her dog Cherry

Playful Da-hae Sightseeing in LA

Da-hae at hotel in China to receive Asian Fashionista Award

Da-hae attending a match in LA

Da-hae the sleeping beauty

Da-hae saying goodbye to fans before leaving China

Da-hae saying Good Night

Da-hae taking care of her skin with a face mask

Poor Da-hae having a cold 😦

Da-hae playing games on her mobile

Da-hae taking a shot at hospital 😀 (how can she be this cute even while taking a shot !!!!)

Da-hae while filming Just-BB CF

Da-hae at the Chuno fan meeting place in Japan

Da-hae Sightseeing in Japan while attending Chuno promotions

Da-hae celebrating the Halloween

Da-hae studying “Miss Ripley” script in bed

Da-hae requesting fans to watch “Miss Ripley” first episode

Da-hae setting at a coffee

Credit: LDH Weibo, LDH Twitter, LDH Cyworld


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