Lee Da-hae and her three times co-star and favorite oppa “Jang Hyuk”

For an actor and actress to act together 3 time in just 5 years, it is not something we see everyday and actually very rare specially in Kdrama land so I thought this surely deserves to dedicate a post for this couple

Lee Da-hae and Jang Hyuk worked together in “Robber“, “Chuno/The Slave Hunters” and “IRIS II“. And the good thing that the three drama are totally different genres.

I adore those two together. Although I know that many of Da-hae and Hyukie fans may not share that same love I have for this couple but I would like to disagree 😀

Talking about Hyukie, he is really a very good actor and an action master. And although he may not be the typical flower boy or handsome man that girls get crazy about but for me he is a “The man’s man” and he has that charm and charisma which makes you can’t help but get attracted to him. In addition to that he is unintentionally funny because yes he is known for being a very serious man but that is exactly the source of all the laughter 😀

Back to my couple, their chemistry together on and off screen is just GREAT to say at least and they may have shared together the largest number of kisses any of them shared with a co-star (I am not sure if Joe Cheng did equal or exceeded that because we know he had lots of kisses with Da-hae in “Love Actually” but I doubt if we counted the NG :D).

Hyukie mentioned Da-hae as one of his best female co-stars and has praised her many times and I know how much Da-hae appreciate him and mentioned  how he supported her and was beside her many times when she was ill or having hard times in her career so no wonder when she mentioned that she always feel safe around him.

Away from the work, they are great friends or even more because Da-hae said that she consider him as a real brother. But what a destiny they have, they faced together the best and worst.

Let me explain why I am saying that while I talk briefly about their dramas together.


They first met in 2008 in SBS drama “Robber” which was the drama with the lowest ratings in both their careers with an average rating of “5%”. Although the script is nothing special but their chemistry and acting sold it for me. This is the drama with the biggest screen time of them together and IMO the best performance of Da-hae out of the three dramas they had.

Da-hae keep mentioning this as her favorite drama because of the friendly atmosphere on the set. Also Hyukie announced that he is getting married while filming this drama on which Da-hae mentioned later that she felt betrayed because of it as they were supposed to be lovers on screen, hehehe 😀

Also it is worth mentioning that this is the only drama they had together in which Hyukie didn’t die and they had a happy ending of some sort although he had a deadly illness, hehehe 😀

Here is the first view we got ever of them together in the BTS of the drama teaser which I really love, it is hard to believe how good they looked together already although that was just their second meeting!!!

Here is also a fan MV for the drama ❤

And I want to post another MV with one of my favorite scenes from the drama accompanied by my favorite song from the drama OST ❤

Also got to post this scene which had one of my favorite dialogues ever ❤

Also enjoy a MV including the full passionate kiss scene, kkk

Also have some drama stills and pictures from press conference ❤

Chuno/The Slave Hunters

Their second drama together was in 2010 in KBS drama “Chuno” and this is the most successful drama they made together with an average rating of “31%”.

Chuno is one of my favorite dramas of all times although I still had issues with the script. But the direction and acting was more than a compensation for that. And it had incredible cast among them was Oh Ji-ho who completed the love triangle and the fans call the three together “Chuno Trio“, they were all great together on and off screen.

I need to mention that actually Hyukie was the one to suggest Da-hae name to act with him in that drama and you won’t know how thankful I am that he did because that was a very bad time in Da-hae career as an actress and to find him supporting her at that time is surely something that can’t be forgotten.

Even though they had little screen time together but their love story didn’t suffer at all from that. And in the little time they got, I really enjoyed their great chemistry once again.

And about Da-hae, it was surely not her best performance and the role itself was badly written IMO. But she shined in some scenes and actually my favorite scenes of her in the drama was with Hyukie.

In the end I must admit that this drama is all about Da-gil (Hyukie character) and one of his best performances of all time on which he deserved many awards among them is Daesang (The Grand Prize) at 2010 KBS Drama Awards.

Here is a MV I have made of them in Chuno 🙂

Also check the BTS of their beautiful kiss scene ^_^

Also want to highlight one of my favorite scenes of Da-hae in the drama when Un Nyun saw Dae Gil after she thought he was dead

Also have some pictures from press conference wrap up party, drama stills and BTS

Actually they received the best couple award at 2010 KBS Drama Awards for Chuno. And here is a couple of pictures from the ceremony 🙂


The third time our couple met was just this year and it was in “IRIS II” the sequel of the famous drama “IRIS” and ooh dear, the least I say about this drama, the better.

I may make another post about it but to keep it short here it is enough to say that IMO this is the worst drama for Da-hae and Hyukie individually and together and I hope this will remain to be the case and they don’t get to act in such a bad drama ever again.

I wasn’t only disappointed in the drama itself but also in both Da-hae and Hyukie acting performance in it and although I still enjoyed their chemistry in the first few episodes and some of their scenes in the latter episodes ;because they didn’t have much screen time together; but in the end I just didn’t care about their love story AT ALL.

Anyway, have the Main OST MV for the drama

And their HOT bed scene. (Yes at least they got to do that, kkk :D)

Also here are some stills and pictures from the drama showcase, press conference in Korea and Japan

In the end although I am sure that they are still and will remain friends but I doubt that we would ever see them together in a project again. What makes me sad is that the end has to be in that drama 😦

But to finish on a good note, I would like to post some more beautiful pictures of them together in some other events and some pictures Da-hae shared 🙂

Da-hae and Hyukie at Kia K7 promotional event, ooh my I LOVE this picture

Da-hae and Hyukie at Chuno fan meeting in Japan

Chuno Trio at charity event

Da-hae and Hyukie at Jeju Hallasu Drink Launch Event

Chuno Trio in a pictorial for Japanese magazine

Da-hae, Hyukie and Chuno PD at “Win Win” Variety show in 2010 when Hyukie was the guest and they made a surprise appearance for him

Da-hae and Hyukie brief meeting at the H&M store opening in 2011

Da-hae and Hyukie at Chuno filming set

Da-hae and Hyukie at airport traveling to Japan for Chuno promotions

Da-hae and Hyukie in Japan filming “IRIS II”

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25 responses to “Lee Da-hae and her three times co-star and favorite oppa “Jang Hyuk”

  1. Ok I love this post 😀 There are many images I had not seen! I will come back to watch your Chuno MVs. Many times I read people saying “I had never heard of Robbers, but I watched it on YT and it is great!” I see it is because it didn’t have ratings when it aired, but many people have discovered it later. While it has flaws it has a lot of merits and yes, I think the chemistry between them was extraordinary in it. Chuno is a masterpiece! and they also had unbelievable chemistry despite the few scenes they actually had. I won’t comment about Iris2 because I simply agree 100% with you. It is sad, and like you said, a new drama together is virtually impossible. But I hope they collaborate is CF’s, events or maybe even a movie, at some point.


    • I am so happy that you loved it ^_^ hope you like the Chuno MV too 🙂
      And yes, even with all its flaws but I personally think that “Robber” is surely underrated drama. I have many scenes and dialogues I LOVE in it.
      I also hope to see them again together in some event or something and after Chuno I actually hoped they could do a MV together but now I doubt that could ever happen.
      OOH how much I wish I can remove “IRIS 2” from both their resumes but ….


  2. Pingback: A look on Lee Da-hae, the action Newbie: The only advantage of watching “IRIS II” | Crush On Da-hae

  3. CP

    Hi AQ
    I finally finished watching the last 2 episodes of CHUNO! Still undecided either to next watch GREEN ROSE as you suggested, or IRIS II (so far only watched first and last episodes, plus incomplete 8th episode whilst in Malaysia earlier on, so no comment really to add to yours above).
    I really like LDH ancient costume looks in CHUNO, poise and with such elegance. Her voice was much softer (unlike in MY GIRL), and fewer teary eyes and crying scenes for a change (ROBBERS and MISS RIPLEY). Consider limited and badly written role she had compared to the 2 male leads, to me, she did shine through most times.
    I still don’t get use to Jang Hyuk’s shouting at the top of his voice in some scenes (in ROBBERS as well), perhaps necessary in dramas!
    Overall, I do feel many parts in this drama were quite crappy, the additional side stories did not gel well enough, arduously long and dragging. If I have copy right of this drama, I believe it can be edited and streamlined into more exciting 2+ hour (or part 1 and part 2) epic historical movie! Market it well in cinemas, sell the DVDs to 3+ million LDH fans to raise fund and help her to realize her cherished wish of doing a movie, perhaps with her co-star in MY GIRL! Reckon I am day dreaming again!


    • Oh, happy to know that you watched Chuno. And thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂

      I totally agree about our girl’s look in here. Actually this is my favorite look of her and after that is her look in Green Rose. She was just taking my breath away each time she show up on the screen ❤

      Chuno is one of my all time favorites but the writing is surely the weakest part here. So, I agree also on the side story, I actually did fast forward all those scenes and don't ever watch them.

      And as I mentioned our girl's role was so badly written (actually the drama writer apologized to her) but I expected from the talented actress she is, to step up with her performance and actually make it work despite of that (yes I always expect more from her)

      Overall I didn’t think this is a good performance from my girl specially in the scenes she was supposed to act as weak and helpless "dismal in distress" but she surely shined in some scenes which are some of my favorites specially the one I mentioned above which makes me more sad because in there you know what she actually can do and how talented she is. And I also love the one in which she faced Dae Gil and then was in between his fight with Tae Ha, the one in which she got the courage to tell Tae Ha about her past as Un Nyun and when she saw Da Gil watching her and then hugging Sul Hwa, I usually replay those scenes the most when I re-watch the drama 🙂

      And about a MV for this, actually I think KBS did that and aired a movie version from the drama some time ago but unfortunately I didn't see it 😦


  4. CP

    Oh, is there a movie version of CHUNO? Anyway to find it? I really want to watch it just to satisfy my curiosity. I did not watch the first IRIS tv series, but I did came across and watch IRIS – the movie sometime ago. So hope there will be IRIS II – the movie soon.
    Actually I am quite biased towards CHUNO the tv series. The main theme was like ROBBERS and MISS RIPLEY, very catchy. When I started watching these two, there was an air of excitements and high anticipation, and I could not wait to follow the next episode. In CHUNO, the lapse time between each episode was snail pacing to my standard that I actually failed to pick up where I left off except hoping to see LDH showing up!
    Coming back to LDH acting career, consider her early sucess as a startlet and her talent, she ought to peak after CHUNO and MISS RIPLEY, unfortunately not to be, perhaps due to circumstantial reasons and her own actions. That is why I believe her talent needs to be nurtured by a far sighted and dedicated management along her way. Such process demands careful planning and organization, slick research and image marketing to achieve success. However, she also needs her own space to breath and feel free in her life so her talent will flourish to the next level. It is difficult to achieve such equilibrium without discipline but it needs to be done. I sincerely hope she still has the time to do that.


    • Unfortunately it is a TV Movie so it is hard to find (unlike the IRIS MV). I didn’t even see it myself although I really love to 😦

      But I knew that they even omitted those slaves secondary story parts we don’t like and only focused on our main leads.

      And you know I will second that our girl needs a wise and professional management to help her choose her next steps.


  5. CP

    I don’t know why I bother, but following your lead, I just found the review on CHUNO – TV MOVIE REVIEW. Now that I know its existence, I hope I will get to watch this movie version soon. I also read many nasty remarks on LDH following the first few episodes of CHUNO tv series. Poor thing, she must be very hurt by all these. Anyhow, life is what she makes it, yet fate can be the hunter, and luck is much needed at this stage in her career. So come on, LDH, although I am not your fan, I will always wish you well!


  6. nana

    i prefer lee da hae and lee dong wook…… they look good together


  7. Reblogged this on Stuck on Hyuk and commented:
    I should’ve reflagged this a long time ago 🙂 Lee Da Hae, Jang Hyuk’s partner in three dramas, has great chemistry with him in Robbers and Chuno, and is a good beautiful actress on her own. Loved her character in Robbers, particularly


  8. Great post. I didn’t realized they acted in all 3 dramas together. I started Chuno but now I also really want to watch robbers.


  9. Ah, i love Jang Hyuk, too. It looks like we are on the same line and circle. 😀


  10. leticia

    Great post!!!! Loveeeee hyukie a lot!!


  11. Shirley Soon

    Hyukkie’s acting was Great & very Sincere … Jus Luv Him 😘


  12. chocolate vanilla

    Never knew Dahae and Hyukie kissing scene in Chuno was that LONG! HAHAHA


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