Lee Da-hae on Vacation in China

You must all already noticed how much Lee Da-hae Loves China, Chinese culture and her Chinese fans there. She stated that in many interviews and her learning for mandarin for 7 years now is enough proof for her love.

Da-hae has many fans in China (her Weibo followers exceeded 4 Million) and they are really great, if I started talking about them I won’t stop and I admit they deserve her love but that doesn’t mean I am not jealous of them for meeting her many times while she visits China or because she tends to update her Weibo more than Twitter 😀

Today she came out of her hiding and updated her Weibo with two cute pictures of her and her mom while traveling and arriving to Hangzhou in China for her vacation.  It worth mentioning that she is really close to her mom and usually travel with her and even take her to some of her dramas and CFs filming set 🙂

Da-hae looks great and happy in those pictures and that is enough to make my day ❤

Here is her message:


Youdao Translation: My mother and I are traveling, See around here! How about having the time to travel with parents?

Credit: LDH Weibo


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