Lee Da-hae for Marie Claire from 2010 to 2013

After posting about Lee Da-hae picturials for Elle and InStyle , here I present the third magazine pictorial she did in 2013. It was for Marie Claire magazine March Issue.

Ok, this is actually my least favorite photo-shoot out of the three she did this year (it is just not my type) but I must admit that it is actually so bold and edgy that shows a completely new side of her. Here she is not just posing beautifully or being sexy. And the usage of black and white gave me the opportunity to focus totally on Da-hae poses and expressions.

Also it is one of the rare times we see Da-hae in a short hair cut and she totally rocked it ❤ and thanks to that shot above,  it gives me the idea to see Da-hae in a mentally sick role. OOh I really wish to see her in that role.

Another thing that I really like about this one is the lost and sad expressions of her eyes in some of these shots specially this one although you only see her profile

Along with the pictorial she did an interview with the magazine which again you can read translated in English in Hallyu Interview blog thanks to TheRealCZ :)

Here is the link to the two parts:

And before I post the rest of the pictures from this pictorial, I want also to take this opportunity to post about another pictorial Da-hae did for Marie Claire back in 2010. I wanted to put those two pictorials together to show Da-hae’s versatility 🙂

This time pink is the featured color and actually this could be including one of Da-hae most revealing pictures (yes she usually don’t shoot those types of nude or so revealing pictorials) And I must say she looked so gorgeous and sexy in this one and I LOVE it ❤ (is it a sin to always love to see her in beautiful pictures? :D)

Now leave you with the rest of the pictures from the two pictorials and some BTS pictures 🙂

Credit: Marie Claire Korea



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5 responses to “Lee Da-hae for Marie Claire from 2010 to 2013

  1. therealcz

    I like the 2010 pictorial a lot more. *coughs*


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  3. why is it not full album ? :((


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