Missing Da-hae

Why you always do this to me Da-hae !!!! T____T

After she updated us that she went to China for vacation, we didn’t hear any thing from Lee Da-hae. So it is about 10 days now and we don’t know if she is still in China or back to Korea or any where else !!!

I really miss her A LOT. Not that it is a long time but that is the way I feel if even one day passed without getting some news, update or picture from her. Yes I am obsessed and I can’t control it.

I should have got used to this already because this is Da-hae’s nature as she tends to hide as much as she can to enjoy some privacy if she don’t have a project and just update us from now and then during that. But it seems that my condition keeps getting worse, I am hopeless.

Please my girl, come out from your hiding soon and stop torturing me 😦


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