More of Lee Da-hae Singing Peformances

As I mentioned previously when I posted about Lee Da-hae single “I Love Rock n Roll“, she did other singing performances in her dramas, CFs and some variety shows appearance.

She is really CUTE and LOVELY in those and that is what seal the deal for me and makes me LOVE her as a performer forgetting all about her lack of singing skills. In the end she is an actress not a singer and she didn’t ever bother to go beyond that as she already know that she is not really talented in that department.

Also it worth mentioning that she actually sang in 2 foreign languages in addition to her own mother language which are Chinese and English. That is not easy and shows more of her efforts to entertain her fans and show us that side of herself.

Now let’s have a look at those performances, Hope you enjoy them 🙂

In 2005, she sang in her drama “My Girl” two songs (surely not her own but was sang before by other singers)

First is “Obvious Song“/”Dang guen Song

And the second one is “If You are Willing To” Song which was also released as Digital single for the drama OST

Also in 2005, she appeared on “Love Letter” variety show and she sang another song which unfortunately I don’t know its name as I really like it 😦

In 2008, She sang the “Can, Can, Can!” song in a CF for Samsung Hauzen Kimchi Refrigerator

In 2010, She sang “Stars are Blind” song which was originally sang “Paris Hilton” when she appeared on “Sweet Night” variety show.

In 2011 she sang “UUU” song when she appeared on “Happy Camp” Chinese variety show. The song was originally sung by Taiwanese singer “Will Pan” who is also a very close friend of her since her participation in a music video of his song “Dance for Two” in 2009

I just can’t resist posting this cut from “Happy Together” variety show back in 2010 although it is just dance not singing but I bet that she practiced a lot to master this famous Kara‘s “Mister” butt dance and do it with this perfection ❤


Credit: As Tagged and to All YT video uploaders



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