Happy Chuseok My Girl

It is Chuseok holiday in Korea, which you may call “Korean Thanks Giving”. Also China is celebrating the harvest festival but it is called Mid-Autumn FestivalI really wish Lee Da-hae and everybody celebrating this happy holidays. 

Also Da-hae posted a message on her Weibo celebrating with fans 🙂

每逢佳节倍思亲! 想念中国的海带们!祝你们和你们的家人月饼节快乐哦!

Every Chuseok Go Spend Time With Your Relatives! I Miss China Fans ! Wish You And Your Family Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

I am sad because again she didn’t post a picture of herself but I imagine her having a great time with her family like the pictures above which she posted back in 2010 celebrating Chuseok ❤

And also here is a couple of pictures of her in Hanbok 🙂

Credit: LDH Weibo, LDH Cyworld


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