A look on Lee Da-hae, the action Newbie: The only advantage of watching “IRIS II”

OOH I can’t believe I am writing a complete post about this drama but here I am.

You may already know my opinion about this drama as I mentioned it before. It is hard for me to say this but I hate “IRIS II” not because it is the worst drama that was ever made because it is not. But more because I hate that Lee Da-hae and some of my favorite actors/actresses got to have this BAD project in their resumes and it actually hurts me writing about this now as my girl didn’t get to do another projects since then 😦

Although I find this a bad project choice from Da-hae but I know why she choose to do it, she usually wishes to experience different roles and I am sure she was excited to do an action role for the first time in addition that the existence of her oppa Jang Hyuk in the drama surely was another reason for her to accept this role.

And for me, the only advantage of watching this drama was to have the opportunity to watch my girl doing some action for the first time and that may be the only reason that I prevent myself from being sad that she did this drama. Because in the end she surely learned new things. But I hope she be careful in her future project choices and don’t ever get to do such bad project again.

I want to be objective and illustrate the reasons for my judgement on this drama. So let me start 🙂

To be honest, I am not a fan of action dramas. I love to watch action movies but action dramas mostly fails to make me attached but I don’t think that this previous opinion and taste of mine is the reason for my judgment here.

So, I will point out the good and bad points in this drama IMO (you will find me mentioning more about Da-hae performance and role in the drama)

The Good

  • The ladies have done all great and impressive job in their action scenes. Watching Da-hae in her action scenes was really great, I don’t say she was near amazing or anything but for a newbie in action world who actually known more as an actress of feminine look (which actually resulted many to doubt that she can do this kind of role before the drama air), I was impressed. There is a big room of improvement for her and I actually hope she is still interested in action after this and do more practice and later work with a better action director in an action movie.

  • I LOVED all the scenes between Choi Min (played by Oh Yun Soo) and Joong Won (played by Lee Bum Soo). I won’t be exaggerating to say that those scenes were actually more interesting and had more suspense than many action scenes in this drama.

  • Also I LOVED the relationship, scenes and conversations that Choi Min and Soo Yun ( Da-hae Character) had together.
  • I was really happy with Soo Yun role in the earlier episodes, she was funny, energetic and strong. Da-hae was really natural in her acting during those episodes and also her chemistry with Hyukie was great. I again liked Soo Yun in the last 3 episodes (and specially in the last episode),  she started really acting as a leader and being professional but I would say it was too late to fix what they did to her character.

  • Da-hae and Yoon Doo Joon chemistry was pretty good actually even though the love line between Hyun Woo (Yoon Doo Joon Character) and Soo Yun was never intended to be strong but I was relieved with their chemistry as I usually worry about my girl paired with younger men 🙂

  • Also Lee Bum Soo and Im Soo Hyang had a great chemistry as the North Korean couple. They had many great scenes together.

  • Although this drama actually had many idols in its cast but I think they were decent and serviceable.

  • At least they gave a character a good ending that I found it logical and correct which was the case with Kim Yun Hwa (Im Soo Hyang character) and I was happy for that because at the end of the drama she was the most character I love and rooted for. In the end they reunited her with her sister Kim Sun Hwa (played by Kim So Yun) who made a cameo here.

  • About Da-hae performance, actually I think that some of her crying scenes here are some of my favorites of her, it was on spot, natural (no OTT) and they were moving for me. My favorites are, her crying in hospital after she met Yoo Gun (Hyukie Character) and he shot her, her crying over her brother when taken dead in the ambulance car and lastly the scene in the finale when she was talking to Yoo Gun.

The Bad

  • First episode was a big FAIL and very bad first impression for a drama. And it surely made me start worrying very early in the game. It was disjointed and the montage was AWFUL to say at least. (it was said that actually some conflict happened in the production team which made them redone somethings at the last moment and surely that explains the final result).
  • This drama is surely categorized as “Action Drama” but is it really ended to be so? for me NO. The only episode that kept me over the edge watching the action scenes was Episode 3 but other than that we surely got some action scenes but not as much as I have expected for an action drama specially that they had in the cast one of the best action stars out there (I mean Jang Hyuk) and also most of the action scenes felt staged and not done very well. I would make exception for a few scenes. So I think we were dealing with not good action staff and directors here.

  • I am sure the script for the drama changed a lot from the intentions they firstly had for it to be specially in the love line. From the testing scenes they shot to be shown in the drama showcase and from the KBS performance there was supposed to be stronger conflict and confrontation between Soo Yun and Yoo Gun after he disappear and she finds him after searching for him for some time but that was never shown. Here is the cap from a scene the promo video that was never done in the drama.

  • In the second half of the drama Da-hae screen time and overall existence in the drama decreased a lot. I think my hope for her character to develop vanished after Ep 10. In the end I wasn’t convinced with Soo Yun as an agent, that was because we got no background of her being capable to join NSS from the start and then they turned her to be so sentimental and crying all the time and actually in some important times which didn’t help build her image as a strong agent. And they even didn’t give her decent action scenes to defend herself but showed her as a helpless person in most of the drama episodes (I believe they actually cut some scenes of her which we saw some stills from or saw in previews).
  • There was a lack of love line development between Soo Yun and Yoo Gun which was the reason I stopped caring about their story anymore and although I can still feel Da-hae and Hyukie chemistry but there was no material to help it to be displayed properly.
  • The decision to make Yoo Gun shot in the head and then having Amnesia was just BAD move. In addition to being a cliche and resulted for less screen time for Hyukie in some episodes, it made Yoo Gun totally sleep walking for about quarter the drama. And in the way they also turned him to a killing machine, which was actually like writing his dead end from the start because he surely can’t get away with that after he regains his memory. And you wonder what else they did to him? they gave him some personality disorder translated into violent behavior because the bullet remained in his head. Which ended with me not able to root for him (yes the hero of our drama). That scene of the final confrontation between Yoo Gun and Ray (played by David Mclnnics) was so difficult for me to watch because even though Ray deserved the killing but it was just too violent for me to accept from the supposed to be the good and wronged hero.

  • Another cliche we had is Baek San (played by Kim Young Chul) story and him being Yoo Gun father!!! although I was really touched by his background story and that is because of the great acting from Kim Young Chul and Jung Suk Won as his younger self but no sympathy I felt towards him. How they expect me to feel that given all the bad actions we know he did in the first season of the drama!!!!
  • The direction and how they tried to keep the identities of the IRIS spies in NSS and Mr. Black was poorly done because many fans knew their identities from the first shadowy shot aired !!!!

  • And after they ruined most of the characters in the new season, they even ruined Park Chul Young (played by Kim Seung Woo) who made a cameo here and was one of the most interesting characters from season one as they killed him in a way I felt insulted.

  • And what I say about the ending, it was hilarious and not in a good way. They killed two of the most interesting characters from the first season (Baek San and Mr. Black) together in a very stupid way. Then killed Joong Won who once been a very mysterious and interesting character turned into illogical who can’t figure what he wants. And of course as Yoo Gun had no chance to live and so they had to kill him but wanted it to be heroic death while saving Korea but it wasn’t actually the case as I didn’t feel it that way and it didn’t help that it was accompanied by VERY BAD graphic effects

  • About Da-hae performance, yes she didn’t actually have much to work with but I still had some issues. I think she was some times TOO SERIOUS and emotionless when she was on missions which is the thing I take on our girl the most in her performance. I also can see she still has some lazy acting habits which I really hope she get rid of (sighs and some body movements) and this is not the first time we see those from her actually although it wasn’t there in her earlier works so it is time to work on that and stop wasting her talent because we know what she can actually do.

In the end the only thing that kept me watching this drama is the wish to continue supporting my girl and the rest of the cast for their effort in this project and to have some closure of the story.

Now have some videos featuring Da-hae doing some action. Also some BTS from the drama to appreciate how much work our cast have done ❤

Da-hae Action Scene EP 3

Da-hae Action Scene Ep 6 including her famous and impressive 360 rotation and scissor kick

Da-hae Action Scene Ep 6 BTS at min 2:00

Da-hae KIA K3 CF

IRIS II cast stage action Performance at KBS Awards 2012

I really like this performance, it wasn’t near perfect and surely was staged but I really liked it and was so excited while watching. Hyukie was GREAT and I applaud our girl that she had enough courage to do such performance live although being action newbie ❤

More BTS Videos

Here is also some pictures from Da-hae training for the drama. She was aiming to be the “Female Jang Hyuk” 😀

Also I want to post some caps of Da-hae eyes expressions which I liked in the drama ❤

First Sharp and Serious Eyes sometimes accompanied with sadness and depression feeling 🙂

The Sad Teary Eyes

Eyes in love ❤

And lastly my most favorite, her teary smile ❤

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7 responses to “A look on Lee Da-hae, the action Newbie: The only advantage of watching “IRIS II”

  1. samzzy

    wow, so good dear, I love the review, so much better than the drama itself. So true also about her lazy acting habit too, it starting from Chuno actually. But she was totally the opposite in Miss Ripley.


    • Thanks Dear ^_^
      Yes it started in “Chuno” and was worst there to be honest. In “Miss Ripley” I could still see it but her shining moments were more than enough for me to ignore them. Again in “IRIS II” overall she didn’t have much important scenes or shining moments so it become more obvious for me to notice those habits specially in the second part.
      Really hope she works on that or she work with a good director who help her get rid of them because I know this is not the real her.


  2. therealcz

    The IRIS series is entertaining to watch…if you leave your brain at the front door before watching the series. IRIS I had a lot of problems too. I find the series to be entertaining to watch, but very flawed in most departments. In both series, it was the cast that kept me going. If they ever do make an IRIS III, they need a brand new writer.


    • I didn’t watch IRIS fully but saw some episodes and saw the movie and I totally agree with you about that.
      But even with stopping my brain from working, watching IRIS II wasn’t anyway near entertaining specially in the second half except for the fact that I got to see my girl on my screen (which even wasn’t much in the last part) 😀
      I wish that they got enough with this franchise, I don’t want more great cast members wasted as it was the case in IRIS II because I actually don’t have any trust in the production overall.


  3. You can’t believe you wrote this and I can’t believe I read this lol! All I can say is, I agree 100% with everything 😞


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