Lee Da-hae in another Trip to China

So excited and happy today because we at last got to see new picture for Lee Da-hae, YAAAY 😀

She is having another trip to China and this time it is for attending conference for her new CF with Chinese Clothing brand “Shunufang” held in Guangzhou.

First pictures we got to see of her today is the ones she updated on her Weibo while getting ready for the trip and from the airport while having some fun with one of her staff members. She look so HAPPY and LOVELY and I really LOVE her outfit, makeup and overall look here ❤

Here is her Message:

凌晨3:20 起床了 在美容师打扮打扮准备 去广州跟大家见面!心情特别的好!马上见咯!

Getting up on 3:20 am in the salon ready and I’m going to see you in Guangzhou! I am really in a good mood! See you soon!

Credit: LDH Weibo


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