Lee Da-hae Interviews with Japanese Press for “IRIS II”

As IRIS II is airing now in Japan on DATV since 1st September, Lee Da-hae and other cast members have done some press interviews as a promotion of the drama there.

I am really glad to read these interviews because it actually help me feel less pain when thinking about this drama. And I really LOVE her colorful dress in the set of pictures posted with the interviews ❤

But along with the rest of the pictures, I would like to post some questions and answers from the interviews which was understandable for me when used online translators. It is not a literal translation and may not be very accurate so feel free to correct me if you find anything wrong ^_^

You always have a feminine and elegant image, so please tell us why you decided to appear in an Action Drama?

I like to try new things . I feel that actress shouldn’t be tied down by a single image, it becomes boring to be contentiously acting similar characters. Although I was afraid that I might not be good in an action role, but I liked to take the challenge and I would like to keep challenging myself without flinching in the future with roles in any genre.

Before doing IRIS II did you watch action project? Are you personally interested in action movies and dramas?

I watched a lot of action movies and liked the American drama “24”

Let us know what was your impressions while shooting in Japan? Do you have a favorite place or food?

I really love Japan very much! Since I couldn’t get a leave while shooting “IRIS II”, 3 weeks ago I privately traveled to Japan with my mother . I went to Shibuya for shopping and I also love Omotesando. I also went to Ginza, food was delicious really.  I like to eat curry noodles and grilled chicken. I like all Japanese food, it really fits my taste.

Other than Japan, there was also local and overseas shooting for the drama. What are the other places that you liked?

Budapest was wonderful. Usually when you are abroad shooting, it is not possible to purely enjoy any nice place because you are concentrating on work. But Budapest seems to change this for me. The city is really clean and there was a little dark atmosphere and charm about it. I thought after acting in such a place, a different color of acting can come out somehow.

Your role “Ji Soo-Yeon” is a former Olympic athlete, So are there any sports that Lee Da Hae have been doing for a long time? I saw a picture of stretch, your body seems very flexible!

I used to learn dancing for 10 years but I don’t actually do that anymore. But thanks to that I have a flexible body. But as an actress it is a must to create a proper body. I learned Pallet and also received one to one training. But I have not been able to exercise recently.

Although being a female, “Ji Soo-Yeon” continued to carry on harsh missions. What was the hardships you faced while playing “Ji Soo-Yeon” ?

I think the training in action school was the most difficult. And I was shocked when I could not do 100% of the action performance. Although I practiced hard, but sometimes be in a bad condition or have a problem in breathing and we need to stick to the schedule even if not very satisfied with the output. It was really tough.

Which scene you did say to your self “I was Cool!”?

It was in episode 6, when crying after finding a ring that Yoo Gun left behind one year after he disappeared. I had an action scene fighting some opponents when was in charge of a task to arrest members of a secret organization trying to make bomb trade to iris. In that part, although it was a really hard I though I really did well in that flying kick scene. I was supposed to use wire but I didn’t, as something in the setting didn’t work as expected. When I took a look at the video, I thought it came out better than I thought.

While filming, there is a lot of tension. What do you do to relax?

I could not afford to do something else while shooting. So, if there is time I sleep. I was not able to meet or chat with friends.

Is there memorable scenes with co-stars?

NSS operations meeting Scenes. Although we should be speaking but there is no sound in those scenes and so no lines in the script. We are supposed to be discussing tactics as a council of war so everyone should have a straight face. However, we are talking with a serious expression. But it was actually a light talk (Laughs) shooting was fun with good people who all acting very good.

After IRIS II, what character or genre you want to try next?

Before I get older, I want to do a cute role as the case in “My Girl”. Because I think that it will be a slightly different image from my latest work. I would like to do a rom-com while my age is still appropriate.

IRIS II broadcast in Japan is decided to be in September, please tell us the charms and attractions you would like Japanese viewers to focus on while watching?

Because it is a spy action drama, there was difficulty in the production. I hope you can understand also that we tried to do our best in such harsh environment. Although there is also a regrettable part, we hope you look at it with warm eyes.

Do you have a message to viewers who are looking forward to the broadcast of “IRIS 2”?

To hear that the drama be broadcast in September DATV, I am very happy. Please enjoy your best watching. I’ll work harder in the future.

By the way what do you do when you are off from work?

I meet and chart with my best friends. And because I like dogs, I like to have a walk to play and exercise with my dogs. I think walking relieve stress. Also I like to study and learn foreign languages.

As there is a lot of action in the drama, it seems that it is a must to receive training, did you have any training?

We went to action school for a long time for preparation. We really trained hard. Usually went 2 or 3 times a week. Sometimes I went 4 times a week. Usually for 3 hours but also sometimes we spent 5 or 6 hours. As Soo-Yeon was a medalist in Pistol shooting, so I had a lot of shooting practice so it don’t look unnatural when using gun. I have went to firing range several times.

It seems that you have been injured while filming?

I had a lot of injuries but not just me all actors who had action scenes did. But thinking about it now, it was really a good experience and I am grateful that there was no major injury. I had bruises on my Foot, legs and hand.

For Lee Da-hae, what kind of work is “IRIS II”?

First of all it was a challenge, as it was my first spy action drama so it is true that I faced some difficulties. But because I did my best I don’t have regrets but still sorry for the things I wasn’t able to show you here. Actually I would like to try an action movie now.

Finally, Do you have a message to Japanese fans?

Japan is a country that I really like. So, I am really happy that I can get closer to Japan through my work.

Here are the links for the interviews in Japanese:



And also it seems that DATV recorded a video for the interviews with our girl, Jang Hyuk and DooJun and they will broadcast it on November 18 (Mon) 21:00.

But till then here is the promo video for it:

Credit: Kstyle, Sanspo, DATV, Google Translation, Bing Translation, Youdao translation


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