Lee Da-hae Close-ups Glory

Although still nothing new but today we got some close-up pictures of Lee Da-hae from “Shunufang” Press conference that was held few weeks ago.

Da-hae complexion is to die for and that is why her close-ups are the best which make it always a treat to see them and although we already saw lots of pictures from the event which you can find here but Da-hae close-ups always deserve a post on their own 😀

But to make it more meaningful, I included more close-ups of her from other events as well ~~

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Credit: As Tagged and LDH Baidu



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4 responses to “Lee Da-hae Close-ups Glory

  1. CP

    Been away driving round Scotland the last few days and just read your post. I really like your slid show format of this LDH close-ups glory. Very nicely done and what an improvement! CONGRATULATIONS!!!


    • Nice to see you back, hope you enjoyed your time there 😉

      And thanks, I actually still figuring out what all the features here in WordPress. So, I tried this gallery thing and I like it too 🙂


  2. CP

    Actually can think of a script for LDH meeting all those friendly Scots in kilts, trying to understand Scottish English against the backdrop of breath-taking scenes of mountains and lochs! Quite hilarious really!
    Yes, do keep up your good work, who knows, you will be a first class superb blogger one of these days!!!


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