Playful Da-hae

After a long time of not updating her Twitter, Lee Da-hae posted a lovely picture today. I always love to see her cheerful, it just makes my day ~~

Here is her message:

매니져오빠와 토요일 한낮에 묵찌빠놀이..나,,너무 할일 없어 보이나…

(Google Translation: At Saturday noon, playing muk-jji-ppa with my manager. I don’t have work to do.)

P.S. You can check this link with a video to know how to play “muk-jji-ppa” 😀

Playful Da-hae Credit: LDH Twitter



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2 responses to “Playful Da-hae

  1. therealcz

    This is like the first time that I’ve seen a somewhat accurate, albeit awkward, translation from Google Translate lol.


    • LOL, I did put my touch though as I rearranged the words 😀
      Actually, it is mostly Google but I also used Bing translator for better translation of the last part ^_^


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