Lee Da-hae for Arnaldo Bassini Winter 2013

What a surprise, I really didn’t expect we will get to see this before November. But I am surely not complaining 😀

Today, Arnaldo Bassini released the photo-shoot for their Winter collection featuring Lee Da-hae and I really LIKE  it specially the pictures with celebrating Christmas theme because it gives me the warmth that I usually look for when it comes to a Winter collection and I really like the lighting in them.

Also as you already know I am always happy to see my girl playful and with a big beautiful smile on her face ^^

Now, prepare yourself for more beautiful pictures 🙂

And also a BTS picture 🙂

Credit: Arnaldo Bassini Facebook and Blog



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6 responses to “Lee Da-hae for Arnaldo Bassini Winter 2013

  1. CP

    LDH looks gorgeous in this winter collection, I can’t help notice she has such pair of skinny legs!


    • Yes I LOVE her look here too and about the legs, our girl is surely skinny which you can see in the BTS picture or other pictures of her but I think there is also photo-shop done on the legs make it look even more skinnier in some of the shots here 😀


  2. CP

    Gi, how could I not think about PHOTOSHOP! I did use it to get rid of my aunt’s wrinkles before! But to be serious, if LDH has such skinny legs, I would worry about bone broken if she falls!


    • Haha, it is the trend so there is no body who don’t use it 🙂 But I think Da-hae has the perfect model body so I can’t understand why they still use it to make her even skinnier than she already is !!!

      I actually prefer her to gain some weight from what she lost through the years. But as far as she is healthy I still don’t mind 🙂


  3. CP

    Oh yes, I recall years ago when I attended a photographic+Photoshop class, the tutor’s motto on air brushing subject model is THINK TWIGGY (the British model in early 60s or 70s?). So I had a ball thinning the face, adding bulky eyes, the nose job, and sexy lips, tummy tucking, pulling legs and all that jazz! Now I am so lazy and lay back that I wouldn’t know where to begin if given such software to play with! I know many photographers still do skinny touch up as result of requests by models or fashion houses.
    So long as LDH is healthy, she is fine to keep her current shape. I still like her looks best in CHUNO and MISS RIPLEY though.


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