My Favorite: Lee Da-hae Pictorials – Part 1

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As we don’t have something new about Lee Da-hae these days, I thought of posting some of my favourite pictorials of my girl. This is the first part with the theme “Young Da-hae“.

I always like to see those old pictures or videos of Da-hae as it gives me a glimpse of those earlier days when she was really young and I didn’t know anything about her 🙂

First, I think this is one of the very first pictorials she ever did which I am actually not sure of which year or for which magazine but I would say it is mostly at 2005.

What I like about this is that although Da-hae looks so innocent and pure but still gives the sexy vibe as well ❤

And you can also enjoy watching the BTS of our girl shooting the pictorial along with this interview 🙂

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Secondly, this one is from Sure Magazine in 2006. My girl looks amazingly beautiful here ❤

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And last but not least, this black and white pictorial from An An Magazine in 2006 in which I like how they highlighted her hair movements and face. The face close up picture is my favourite one ❤

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Credit: As Tagged and YT uploader


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