My Favorite: Lee Da-hae Pictorials – Part 2

Esquire Magzine

After the first part of this collection of my favourite Lee Da-hae pictorials, here it comes the second part. This time the theme is “Sexy Da-hae

Personally, I think Da-hae is really sexy in her own way. And it is more about her attitude than anything else, so even when her whole body covered up she is still giving me the sexy vibe (if she wants to) 😀

This first pictorial is another one (and may be the only one left) from her rare revealing pictorials. The other one, I have posted here 🙂

This is from Esquire magazine back in 2010, my girl looks GORGEOUS and I really like the outfits so much ❤

Esquire MagzineEsquire MagzineEsquire MagzineEsquire 5

And this one is not a magazine pictorial but those are a group of pictures from Marie Mullin S/S collection in 2012 but I find her really sexy here.

I like the mirror concept so much and also the make up and hair looks great on our girl ❤

And before posting the pictures, here is BTS video of the photo-shoot which was just uploaded lately 🙂


Credit: As tagged and YT uploader


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