Lee Da-hae At Shunufang Press Conference – [Photos and Videos]


On 15th November and after Lee Da-hae finished shooting the Ads of 2014 S/S collection for the brand, Shunufang held a press conference.

Oh my girl looks absolutely STUNNING  here *FAINT* ❤

I really like her hair here a lot and I think I really like Shunufang clothing style. As I said before it is always refreshing to see our girl wearing more youthful cloths like this dress. And of course the light colors compliment her beauty. I really can’t wait to see the full collection 🙂

It worth mentioning as well that Da-hae got a lot of praise from the staff at the photo shoot for her dedication and professionalism as she even brought her own Accessories and Shoes to ensure best result.

Here is more pictures and the interview from the press conference which also contain some BTS shots from the photo-shoot.

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Here is a summery of what our girl said in the interview (thanks to Chinese fans for helping to translate):

  • Da-hae wished Chinese fans can watch IRIS II (I know they did my girl, don’t worry 🙂 )
  • She said that she played different type of roles: from good girl, bad girl to Action girl but she never played a doctor. So, she hopes one day she can take a doctor role in a new project. (I admit I didn’t picture her in that role before but I think it would be nice to see)
  • She also mentioned about her idol star in Chines who is not other than Andy Lau (I think she mentioned him in every interview she did in China since… forever 😀 at least we know she met him in person but how much I hope she get her dream come true to work with him)
  • She also mentioned about her friends in China and said that they are mostly men because her friends say that she is more like a man 😀 and her closest friends are Joe Cheng, Li Yi Feng and Will Pan (actually many of her co-stars and friends indeed said that about our girl in interviews before so, it is no surprise to know that our girl is actually a tomboy, kkk )

Credit: As Tagged, Sina, Shunufang Website


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