Lee Da-hae At ASH Store Opening in Shangahi – [Photos]

We are really spoiled these days getting to see so many pictures of our girl in a short time. I couldn’t be happier ^_^

Now, here comes the pictures from the grand opening of ASH‘s first world wide store with the “Life Style” concept which Lee Da-hae attended on November 21st along with Hong Kong actor and singer Aarif Rahman.

In this “Life Style” Concept Store, they are designing it more like a home for customers to feel comfortable while shopping. Have a glimpse of how the store looks like 🙂

Let’s return back to Da-hae, you know already what I am going to say about her outfit color so lets skip this 😀

I am not actually into those big shoulders Jacket but overall I think my girl looks classy and sexy ❤

I know where I am staring at in those pictures, kkkk. Yes Da-hae long white thin legs are irresistible 😀

The foreign man in the pictures is Patrick Ithier, the design director for ASH brand. Why I am jealous of him so close and touching my girl? kkk. May be I just want to be so close to her as well and I will actually dream now that I am going shopping with her ❤

Are they all staring at what I am staring or just checking ASH shoes Da-hae wearing? 😀

Hope we get videos soon as in addition to the stage interview, I see many reporters was there making interview with her 🙂

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3 responses to “Lee Da-hae At ASH Store Opening in Shangahi – [Photos]

  1. samzzy

    Aq, Iove your rambling at her latest event here, just make us happy seeing her many pic in just one week.


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