Lee Da-hae’s Speedy Return to Korea

On November 21st, Lee Da-hae returned back to Korea just after she attended ASH store opening in Shanghai. It almost seems that she ran to airport directly after she finished the event 😀 Her visit was really short, almost stayed in there for only 24 hours.

Surprisingly we got pictures of her again from Gimbo Airport after she landed Korea. I think this is really rare, when Da-hae travels we could have media reporting her departure or arrival or nothing at all but to get pictures of both? that is something doesn’t happen every day.

Our girl is still “The Woman in Black”  but she looks GORGEOUS and I like this whole look more than her departure look. Her hair is more magnificent, the make-up is perfect on her which is much better than yesterday pictures as it shows her white and flawless complexion and THAT JACKET, I WANT that jacket … No I NEED that jacket NOW. I admit that I really LOVE it  ^_^

Actually this look is even better than her look in the event itself ❤

Now here are more pictures from the airport and don’t worry more pictures to come from the event but don’t expect our girl will give up her title 😀

Credit: As Tagged


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