More of Lee Da-hae From ASH Store Opening – [Photos and Videos]


With more media reporting about the event, we got more HD pictures of Lee Da-hae from ASH store grand opening and also many interview videos from the Event ❤

You can check the previous pictures we had in here

I think Da-hae said in the interview that she would like to make a Film with a cheerful role. I really wish this happens *Praying*

Credit: As Tagged, and all YT uploaders



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4 responses to “More of Lee Da-hae From ASH Store Opening – [Photos and Videos]

  1. CP

    Not an avid post reader or enthusiastic star follower, I nevertheless just watched the 3 short video clips of LDH speaking in Chinese and compared to her earlier interviews in Chinese tv channels, obviously her spoken Chinese has improved. However, I feel if she is to crack the vast Chinese market and have more exposure in interviews there, perhaps it is time she needs a professional voice coach to perfect her Mandarin accent to better classy tone besides sticking to her usual Chinese tutor?
    In UK, many celebs, foreign and local alike, tend to have professional voice coaches in short intensive lessons in order to speak perfect BBC English!


    • Despite personally not knowing Mandarin, but I read Chinese fans mentioning that Da-hae is always improving but I know that her Korean accent is so obvious and as a person who loves perfection specially when it comes to my girl and also because I want to hear her voice when she acts in a project there I would really love her to take that action as well. Because it would be hard not dubbing her voice if she didn’t get rid of the accent unless the role offered is for a Korean or foreigner.

      But on the other side, I personally think Da-hae didn’t start learning Chinese to get more exposure or projects but more because she found it essential to have better interaction and be more natural expressing her thoughts and roles while filming a project there and also because of her love to study languages and to be able to closely reach her Chinese fans whom she loves.

      It surely earned her respect from media and many viewers for her efforts and of course made her fans proud ^^ but I assure you that speaking Mandarin is nothing near to be important when it comes to getting projects or exposure because you would see countless celebrities having many of that without knowing anything about the language.


  2. CP

    Sorry I can only agree to what you said partly. Believe me, LDH Mandarin is actually quite good and without any obvious Korean accent in these 3 short video clips. I reckon she is already three quarter way towards speaking perfect Mandarin, what I suggested was just that last quarter needed to speed up the process of speaking refined Mandarin. Of course, she would have reached that final stage but spending much longer time without expert voice coach by constantly practicing with her Chinese tutor and interaction with those around her in China, plus other learning guides!
    Wouldn’t it be nice for people to sit up and take notice sooner if she can master perfect Mandarin and speak eloquently like Liu Shi Shi (an up and coming Chinese actress) for example? I was very impressed when the current Korean President gave her speech in superb Mandarin in her last visit to China earlier in the year. So I feel able to speak perfect Mandarin is important and helpful to LDH image and reputation in China!


    • OOH I didn’t know she became that good!!! that is a nice surprise for me. What I said about her Korean accent is based on what I read from some Fans about her Mandarin some time ago because as I said, I don’t know Mandarin myself. So, thanks for letting me know about her Mandarin now because as a fan it always makes me proud and I surely would love to see her perfect it soon 😀


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