First Look on Lee Da-hae for Shunufang Winter 2013

It seems that Lee Da-hae actually did photo-shoot for Shunufang Winter collection this year which is a surprise for me as I read in the news before that we will get to see Da-hae featured in 2014 Summer and spring collection but surely I can’t complain 🙂

Here is our first look to the collection as they released a few pictures today and it seems that the full collection will be released sometime in December, can’t wait ❤

Credit: Shunufang Website and Weibo




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5 responses to “First Look on Lee Da-hae for Shunufang Winter 2013

  1. CP

    What a signature! I suppose it is quite artistic in a way! At least LDH’s legs look natural and not as skinny as per our comments in her Arnaldo Bassini Winter 2013 collection. Haha :-).
    p.s. I am going to the Clothes Show Live at National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, UK this weekend. It is not as posh and sophisticated as the earlier London and Birmingham Fashion Weeks but a good opportunity to gather and exchange ideas on fashion wears, I wonder how many Chinese or Far Eastern Fashion Houses will make their way there. I am also curious to see how many oriental models will be there for the cat walks. May be I can even find a LDH lookalike there! Haha 🙂


  2. Haha, yes 😀 and you may already noticed but when she is in China she always add that part “多多”, it is the nick name Chinese fans call her with. She actually even added it when she signed the contract for Shunufang in the fashion event. I always find it really cute and thoughtful of her ^^

    Hope you enjoy the show, but if you really found LDH lookalike you have to send me a picture,kkk 😀


  3. CP

    Oh, I am not aware of LDH Chinese nick name. Thanks for mentioning.
    Yes, I hope this 2013 clothes show will be as good as previous years. It is the last fashion hurrah before the year ends in UK. I normally like the cosy and informal atmosphere in a series of 45 minute cat walks and dance routines at the show theatre, last year ones were actually quite good, part 1 & 2 of which can be found in YouTube.
    Anyway, sign off now.
    A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you.


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