My Favourite: Lee Da-hae Pictorials – Part 3

LDH Wed&Mag 1

Here we come to the third and last part of my favourite Lee Da-hae pictorials. This time the theme is “Bride Da-hae“.

Da-hae is always so secretive about her love and private life only one time she hinted she did date one of her co-stars and broke up in 2008 (you could try guessing who was that, kkk).

Also from time to time we get some rumors from media or some insider/stalker talk but in all cases she still didn’t openly dated till now.

Oh how much I would love to see my girl as a bride in real life. This is may be one of my biggest wishes ^^ so, it is always a pleasure for me to see her in a wedding dress in her dramas or in pictorials.

This first pictorial; from which is that picture above; is from “Wedding&” magazine in 2009. What I like about this one is that it tells a couples love story as it followed the couple in all relationship stages from first meeting to first date to first night to wedding to being married 🙂

And I would say that the wedding dress Da-hae wore here is my favourite from all I saw her wearing. It is so bridal and she looks absolutely stunning in it ❤

And here is this other pictorial from “My Wedding” Magazine in 2008. I almost love all the dresses here I love how Da-hae looks cheerful here and the fact that it gives me the vibe of running away bride 🙂

Credit: Wedding& and My Wedding Magazines


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