Joo Yoo Rin “Show Me The Money”

As there is nothing new about Lee Da-hae and I just need to have my dose of her so I started re-watching “My Girl” lately and while watching thought of making this collection of Gifs of her character in the drama “Joo Yoo Rin” and Money ^^

When JYR and Money both appear in the same scene it just becomes so fun to watch and I always end up laughing and  remembering the “Show Me The Money” phrase from “Jerry Maguire” 😀

P.S this is my first to make Gifs so forgive me if they are not very good ^^









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2 responses to “Joo Yoo Rin “Show Me The Money”

  1. samzzy

    hehehe, I loveeee all the gifs dear, Thank you very much-love her expression, she is a natural born comedian.


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