Lee Da-hae Takes Legal Actions Against Malicious Rumors


After days of rumors spreading including Lee Da-hae‘s name along with other celebrities to be part of a prostitution ring, Da-hae stepped up to stop this and takes legal actions against Netizens who has initiated this rumors and spread it online.

Da-hae’s legal team did make official statement today in a press conference and has already submitted evidence to the Seoul Central District Court on December 13th, and also filed lawsuits against Netizens for causing mental and physical distress to Da-hae and her reputation.

So, let me state how this all started.

First the news came out when Public Prosecutor’s Office reported on 12th December about an investigation including 30 female top stars being involved in prostitution ring and while there was no specific names mentioned. After that many reports started spreading some descriptions for those celebrities involved.

Although actually many Netizens started to state that may be the government is behind this big news coming up at this time as a cover up on the privatization of railroads issue, but surely the guessing game continues with names including Da-hae and other actresses spreading around like fire even with talk about how much they are paid (I am not going to share links or translation to those guessing lists because surely I am against spreading this around even now)

I am not saying that such things doesn’t happen for real, surely not. Sadly such cases and also casting couches exists and becoming a normal thing to hear not only in Korea but in almost all entertainment industries around the world. But to start spreading names and hurting people without a proof, that can’t be accepted.

I usually get angry when reading such reports throwing accusations and description of celebrities and referring to them with some letters like A, B… etc and leave the rest to the Netizens to start guessing and speculating which always ends with dragging some innocent people names into this and hurting them and wonder how such reports even allowed???

But actually this is not the first time Da-hae’s name is being involved in such groundless rumors and if you follow her career you will see how much she gets bad press, hateful comments and attacks most of the time without any logical reasons IMO; which again brings back her need to find a good strong company who can manage her career well and protect her from such unfortunate situations; but she usually tolerates it and never took such strong legal action before which gave me with the feeling that she surely did suffer a lot through the last few days because of this and that was confirmed when some reports mentioned that she is can’t eat or sleep 😦

And while the thought of my girl suffering is making me really sad and restless but I am totally thrilled with her decision this time and that is the exact reason I am sharing such smiley picture of her in the post above and at least I am somehow relieved now as Da-hae updated her Weibo today with short but meaningful message to reassures her fans:

有你们我都OK!^ _ ^

(Youdao Translation: Because I have you I’m OK! ^_^ )

We know that you are suffering dear but be strong and keep smiling, we know you are a fighter and that you can come out of this strong like you always did before ❤

Now, I would like to share the translation of the official statement from Da-hae Legal team which they issued today:

The legal team said, “We have learnt about the malicious prostitution rumors that has been making its rounds over the internet recently. To prevent the baseless rumors from getting more serious and be regarded as a truth when it’s not, we will be taking strong legal action against Netizens who started and spread the rumors. Lee Da-Hae is a celebrity and public figure, and she has been taking a tolerant attitude towards such malicious rumours and personal attacks on her. But the recent situation has really gotten out of control, with actual names being pointed out. We feel that we can’t simply just let it go this time, and to prevent such situations from happening in future, we have decided to take action through legal channels so that it can serve as an effective example.”

They continued, “We hope that Netizens will realize the severity of the situation at hand, and that continuously spreading malicious rumors will only subject them to being implicated in a legal lawsuit. As for those who continued to leave malicious comments, we have already turned in the evidence to the police for investigations. As for Netizens who have continuously damaged Lee Da-hae’s reputation on the internet, we will also take action with libel lawsuits, and we really hope to eradicate this problem totally.”

Actually today after the news about Da-hae came out, many other celebrities whose name was also included in those rumors also stepped up and took actions. And here is some video reports:

And also a report about her Weibo updates

Credit: YT uploaders and News Translation By Korea Star Daily via OMG ! Yahoo



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4 responses to “Lee Da-hae Takes Legal Actions Against Malicious Rumors

  1. jesichu

    Good for her… I hope she wins her defamation suit against all these perpetrators spreading false allegation… This is, afterall, her dignity at stake… Good luck lee da hae!!! Fighting!!!


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