Lee Da-hae’s Drama “IRIS II” is Made into 2 Hours Movie


OK, I know that I already did voice my opinion about “IRIS II but that doesn’t mean I can’t still share all news about it just for my girl even if I couldn’t care less.

It was announced that the drama will be made into 2 hours movie and it was actually released on 19th December on IPTV.

I still didn’t watch this Movie version but I actually think this could be a good news because if done right I think it may help to highlight the good parts from the drama leaving a lot of mess behind and would also help who wants to check this out not to waste 20 hours on some bad stuff.

It worth mentioning that this not the first time Taewon (the production company behind this franchise) do this as they already did that before with the first season and I think it was even released in Cinemas and IMO although it wasn’t really well done (in terms of editing) but it was a good as a recap for the drama.

So, here is the news translation

Jang Hyuk and Lee Da-hae‘s drama “IRIS II” is being reborn into a 2-hour movie.

Tae Won Entertainment says the drama has been movie-fied and will be serviced on IPTV, cable, PPV and 100 or more internet sites.

“IRIS II” is the sequel of “IRIS” which was broadcasted in 2009. “IRIS II” production did cost 17 billion won and the drama shoots took place in Hungary, Buddapest, Akita Japan, Cambodia and more.

“IRIS II” the movie will be released with the title, “IRIS II: The Movie”. The production claims the story revolves much quicker and emphasizes on action and romance.

Credit: HanCinema, Source: Edaily

And also here is “IRIS II: The Movie” Opening

Credit: Just Jang Hyuk YT Channel and As Tagged



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14 responses to “Lee Da-hae’s Drama “IRIS II” is Made into 2 Hours Movie

  1. samzzy

    AQ, looking at the opening, I doubt the movie can safe the drama, the director is the weakest link in this production-his style of directing is so lame for high octane genre like this-just so direct, no high adrenalin push up.
    Chuno suffered poor writing too, but the director is deabak, and the 3 hours movie version is so amazingly edited-one the best Korean movie I can claim.


    • NOTHING can save the drama dear, that is for sure. What is done is done.

      On the other hand about the movie, I am not sure who done the editing but I am downloading it now to make better judgement but I am not expecting anything because even with the first season the MV version was not that good but at least as I said at best it can help to only watch some good parts without wasting much time.

      And about Chuno MV, I didn’t get to see the movie ever but read review about it. Do you have link for that or something? I really want to see it ❤


      • samzzy

        sorry dear, I don’t hv the link to download, I saw it twice at KBS World, and I was so amazed by its quality. Sadly, the marketing team is not aggresive enough to promote it like Taewon Production.

        Here is the recap from someone who saw it,she put everyting in there. Maybe you hv read it bc I hv put it in soompi, so I’m putting here for those who want to know about Chuno the movie.



  2. Wow! I can’t believe there is a Chuno movie! I would love to see that


  3. CP

    Pleased to hear this IRIS 2: THE MOVIE news. I always believe the movie format would be made someday. Would you be kind enough to advise the link for it? Hope it has English sub.
    By the way, I stumbled across CHUNO: THE MOVIE, part 1 and part 2 links whilst in between cities in Europe the past weeks. When this mad Christmas rush is over, I will look again for the links. If download is successful, I will let you know.


    • Oh Hi CP, hope you enjoyed your journey and the fashion show. I assume you didn’t find Dahae lookalike 😀

      In this Baidu thread you can find a video for the IRIS II MV (although only available in China) and link to direct download the video or through torrent but I didn’t find Eng subs for now.

      I will wait to know if those links you found for Chuno MV works (I wish they will *praying* 🙂 )


  4. CP

    Hi AQ
    Happy New Year. Hope 2014 will be a fruitful year to you (and LDH too)?
    About the fashion show, I was so dazzled by that many gorgeous faces and curvy shapes that I forgot to scan for LDH lookalikes:-)
    As for IRIS II: THE MOVIE link you gave, I streamed and opened the link, only to find a misleading title page like IRISH: The American?
    Finally, CHUNO: THE MOVIE, I managed to retrace the 2 links but they kind of leading to more useless loops or local links. I have no time to dig further as need to prepare for a long trip to the Far East later this month. If you want to try, good luck;


  5. CP

    AQ, a quickie. Just watched this 2 hour IRIS 2: THE MOVIE via this link, no English sub unfortunately, but someone would do it soon I hope; viz:-



    • Happy that you find a suitable link to see it dear. I watched it a week ago without subs either but as scenes are taken from the drama I could understand and I think I will publish a post about it very soon 🙂


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