Lee Da-hae joins FNC Entertainment

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Although it is really late but Happy New Year Everyone, hope this year will bring all the success and happiness for you and also for Lee Da-hae

I have been wondering for days what could be my first post in this year and if I should do a post including some old stuff or should I wait for an update or some news about our girl. And I am happy that I have waited because I wouldn’t have think of a better post to greet you with in the new year.

At last the news I have been waiting for since we knew about Da-hae being a FA is out. And today reports came out that she have joined FNC Entertainment

While I know that FNC is more known for their music production and artists (including bands like FT Island and CNBlue) and not very experienced in managing actors/actresses (even though the company includes actors like Lee Dong-gun who Da-hae actually acted with him in 2 dramas before) and I am also sure that it is not the best company out there but I am still very happy about this news because at last Da-hae got rid of that old agency of hers which has done more harm than any good to her and her career in the last couple of years (It is enough to read about the battle Jung Suk-won is going through to leave them to know how much problems they are in now and how I worried that I wouldn’t read this new agency news for my girl in any time soon)

So now what is past is past and I will look forward to the future. And as I like the music FNC produces, here is to hope that they can also successfully manage my girl’s career and give us a good news soon about her next project.

Till then, here is an article includes more details about FNC Entertainment

2013 BIG 8 ① About FNC Entertainment

And also here is the full English translation of the news

Korean actress Lee Da-hae became a new talent of FNC Entertainment, most famous for launching K-pop bands FTISLAND and CNBLUE’s agency.

Lee has made an exclusive management contract with FNC Entertainment and is set to focus on local activities, FNC said in a press release on Monday.

Lee, 29, who shot to stardom through SBS rom-com series “My Girl” in 2005, continued to build her filmography in numerous hit dramas ”The Slave Hunter,” ”Miss Ripley” and most recently, KBS action blockbuster “IRIS 2.”

In 2012, she starred in Chinese 30-part romantic comedy “Love Actually” opposite to Chinese top actor Joseph Cheng and grabbed noticeable success, receiving the top TV actress award on LETV Film & Drama Awards.

By scouting Lee, FNC Entertainment, who also takes care of careers of actors Park Kwang-hyun, Yoon Jin-seo and Lee Dong-gun, added strong move to its steady steps from K-pop agency to general entertainment company.

Reporter. Cory Lee

Courtesy of FNC Entertainment

<ⓒ Korea Entertainment Media Co., LTD. (www.tenasia.com) All rights reserved.>

Credit: As Tagged, Ten Asia


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