Lee Da-hae Reappears

Oh my girl, how much I missed you ❤ . This may have been one of the longest time I got to endure waiting to see a recent picture of Lee Da-hae or may be that is what I felt.

For a month and half now our girl totally disappeared along with the bad news of that stupid rumor she didn’t appear in any public event since her travel to China for opening the ASH store in November and only updated us with a small message so, we didn’t even know her whereabouts in that period and I personally was getting worried about her.

But continuing with yesterday’s good news, today we got an update through Weibo from our girl along with a lovely pictures while filming the photo-shoot for Arnaldo Bassini  and announcing personally her signing with FNC Entertainment.

I feel she is really thin and not in her best condition here but I can’t blame her she got through a very rough time 😦 but she surely overcoming it and the happy news is that it seems we will get to see AB Spring collection soon. YAY, I can’t wait for that 🙂

Here is her message:

今天是拍Arnaldo bassini广告的日子,好久没见大家了,以后我会努力织围脖的!啊,对了还有一个新消息告诉大家,我和FNC经纪公司开始合作了,希望大家给我们更多的支持

(Translation: Today is the day to shoot Arnaldo bassini advertising, Long time I haven’t seen you, in the future I will try harder update Weibo more!!!! Ah, yes there is a new news to tell you, FNC brokerage firm and I started working together, I hope you give us more support)

Credit: LDH Weibo


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