IRIS II: The Movie – Recap and Thoughts

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After the news came out about releasing the movie version of “IRIS II, here I confess that I am guilty of spending more than a day downloading and watching “IRIS II: The Movie“.

I actually did that out of curiosity but I am glad that I did watch it cause I ended up getting a nice surprise as they actually came out with a coherent story from that messy drama in this two hours movie. I really didn’t expect that but they did and at least I can give them credit to that.

When I decided to watch this, I  tried to clear all the thoughts about the drama from my mind and watch this as a standalone movie to be able to judge it honestly and as I have gone that far I thought of sharing some thoughts here with you specially that my mood is really better these days and I am again able to write more.

Now lets start with a recap ^^ (forgive me as it is not that good, this is the first time doing this and my language doesn’t help that much either 😦 )


We start with IRIS attacking high security prison to free Baek San (played by Kim Young Chul) after his connection with IRIS got discovered and he was caught in the first part but BS ended up running away from them and surrendering to NS.

After his surrender, BS provideed some information to NSS team lead Yoo Gun (played by Jang Hyuk) about IRIS intentions to interfere with North and South Korea peace talk meeting which was going to be held in Hungry.

Even thought NSS was responsible for the security of the meeting but IRIS succeeded to kill the head of North Korea team by using a female assassin Yun Hwa (played by Im Soo Hyang) and the help of another male member Joong Won (played by Lee Bum Soo) and the two succeed to escape.

YG was suspended for the failure in Hungry and so got to spend some time with his girl friend and another NSS member Soo Yun (played by Lee Da-hae) while NSS send their agent Hyun Woo (played by Yoo Doo Joon) to Colombia to capture JW but he succeeded to run away with HW hard disk after acting to be caught for a while.

After getting back to work, YG come up with a trick to try to catch IRIS members by using BS as a bait and stage BS transfer and although that IRIS got deceived and YG was almost about to catch/kill the right hand of Mr Black and IRIS operation team lead Ray (played by David McInnis) but he end up shot in the head and taken as a hostage by IRIS.

At that time BS request to meet with NSS Deputy Director Choi Min (played by Oh Yun Soo) and reveals the reason IRIS is trying to catch him and why he surrendered to NSS which is that IRIS is after the information he has about the location of five hidden nuclear bombs and after that he promises to reveal this information to NSS.

IRIS treats YG to keep him alive in hope to use him in future to trade with BS. YG wakes up after healing from injuries and tries to escape but IRIS catches him after a big chase and fight in the snow.

NSS and BS agrees on a plan to act as trading him with YG but he should eventually jump into the sea and NSS agents pick him up again at a certain location. But while NSS succeeds to get YG back and BS escapes; which leads to a fight between NSS and IRIS in which YG kills Ray; but BS actually escapes from both IRIS and NSS after killing NSS agent.


JW was watching that fight and here we discover that he is actually from North Korea and he agrees with Mr.Black on the phone to find BS and all the bombs hidden which he will deliver to him except one that he intend to use to blow Seoul as a trigger to a war to unify North and South Korea once again.

Although BS escaped from NSS but he keeps his promise and send CM the location of the nuclear bombs. When CM goes there she only finds four bombs not five and  she decides to hand the bombs to US Army after the South Korean president’s decisino to keep the bombs and announce South Korea as nuclear nation cause she is against the idea of any of the Korean countries to be armed with nuclear weapon thinking it is not the solution for the fight. But eventually she got caught by NSS.


Then we see BS and three IRIS members at the same place. They were trying to catch him but he ends up knocking two of them down. BS tells the IRIS member left (who is played by Lee Joon) to drop his gun and show him a remote control he has, threatening to blow both of them together unless he accompany him to check something. He then shows him the place of the left nuclear bomb and tell him to call Mr.Black.


Mr. Black talks to BS who tells him on the phone that he already know his place and the explosion will reach him if he use that remote control. Then Mr. Black tells BS to come visit him. In the meeting BS agrees with Mr.Black to hand him that remote control and the bomb. But YG already found the place and confront both but then BS reveals that the remote control is not for the nuclear bomb but for a small bomb he had on his waist then he blow both Mr. Black and himself together.


JW was again watching all this and tried to kill YG but YH wanted all this killing to end and stopped him but he tells her that this is the end of them together then he and his team leave and take the bomb in a truck.


SY informs NSS Director about JW real intentions and then tracks a truck location she had which is suspected to be carrying the bomb. Although they found the truck and they fight with the IRIS members ending up killing them but they discovered that the bomb is not in this truck and JW was using it as a camouflage.


JW and his team breaks into the Floating Island and although he got a call from one of North Korea leaders who wanted him to back off as their plan won’t succeed now without Mr. Black and IRIS’s support but eventually JW convinced him to give it a try. While NSS received intelligent information about JW place and was ready to attack them, JW started broadcasting a video explaining the reason for him to do this and was getting ready to blow the bomb.


NSS attacks the place and YG succeeds to shot JW arm just seconds before he blow the bomb and while YG and YH were trying to convince JW; who wired the bomb to sensor for his heart beat so it will blow if he died; to stop this but JW gets a shot in the head from IRIS Member (Lee Joon character).


JW’s death triggers the bomb to start the count down. NSS decides to take the bomb by a plane and drop it in the ocean but instead of getting there with the pilot, YG kicked the pilot out and take off alone leaving SY crying.


YG calls SY saying his last words and goodbye to her as the count down for the bomb ends and explodes over the ocean. THE END


Oh how much I wish they really concentrated on this IRIS-NSS as well as nuclear arming and the SK and NK fight more in the drama !!!

So, the good news is that here they basically removed all the cliches and points that bothered me a lot while watching the drama:

  • BS being YG father (which was so lame and surely didn’t succeed to make me feel any sympathy for BS)
  • YG amnesia and turning him into a killing machine for IRIS (which made him seems like sleepwalking in the drama and did make me feel uncomfortable thinking about him as the hero)
  • YG and SY back story and SY injury (which didn’t help build up the image of SY as a capable agent and generally SY looked much more professional in this version)
  • The spies in NSS and Mr. Black multiple shadow appearance (which lead to them being discovered by fans even before revealed in the drama)

And while doing that, I would say that generally they have done a really good editing work here (except of not editing out YG reaction to BS death which was very weird to the story here and also how they used the OST)

But unfortunately because of how those elements above did overlap with the drama events, to remove them they had to also remove some of the (rare) good parts of the drama including some of the best fight scenes (which were in Hungry).

And duo to the limited time, other parts were removed and some of the characters’ story lines has been removed or changed as well which includes my girl’s scissor kick action scene, how much CM and YH included in the story, YH relation with Sun Hwa (played by Kim So Yun) from the first part, JW mysterious character and the interesting meetings between him and CM.

Even though some of my favourite parts from the drama got removed but I am not bothered by that decision because overall it helped delivering more coherent story. And as I decided to treat this as a MV on its own, so while this story surely don’t make a great movie but I can say I don’t have a problem with it (even the ending got better in my eyes 😀 may be editing out JW proposal and YG sickness and dialogue on the plane that made it looks as a suicidal action before along helped that)

But saying this (as expected), doesn’t make NSS/IRIS look smarter or the effects look any better or the action scenes look any less staged or lame. So, the execution is the issue of course and surely I didn’t expect that this can ever be fixed here but I am happy that at least through this Movie I got a better version of the story to keep in my memory.

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