Lee Da-hae for Shunufang Spring 2014

Although it is still cold but it seems our spring is coming early this year with Shunufang releasing their spring collection featuring Lee Da-hae

Although we got to see Da-hae before in a few pictures before from Shunufang winter collection but I realized later that it was actually just a few promo pictures. So, this spring collection is her first full collection for the brand and I really like it ❤

The theme of the photo-shoot is “Looking for hearts garden” (Hope this is the correct translation for “寻找心中的花园” ). So while wearing those youthful elegant outfits which I like and surrounded by many many flowers (which may be over the top!!), Da-hae is looking totally gorgeous specially in that wavy hear and like a princess in that picture above. And as usual her legs are making me jealous 😀

Take a look at the rest of the collection pictures ^^

I think we may get more pictures later, because there is others shared by the staff and more included in the brand new year calender. I really like those pictures a lot so I hope they really give us the HD versions soon ❤

Credit: As Tagged and Shunufang Website



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3 responses to “Lee Da-hae for Shunufang Spring 2014

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  3. rly she had a butiful long legs..lov ol da pics


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