Lee Da-hae visits Bada at her musical “Carmen”

Like everyday I checked Lee Da-hae Naver in the morning and while I was doing that without any hope to see something new about my girl but I was pleasantly surprised.

Thanks to Bada (a singer and one of S.E.S former members) who updated her twitter with a message and a picture with Da-hae at the backstage of her musical “Carmen“.

So, apparently they are very good friends and actually I am no longer surprised knowing more friends of my girl because undoubtedly she has A BIG circle of friends from inside and outside the entertainment industry who she always show support for and love to spend time with.

I am so happy to see my girl looking great with a bare face and a wide smile ❤

At least we now know where she is and from Bada’s message it seems we may hear some good news soon. I really hope this means that our girl has a specific project she is preparing for and that we won’t wait long to see her on our screen again.

Bada’s Message:

카르멘을 보러왔던 나의 다해! 컴백 초읽기에 들어가서 바쁜 시간을 쪼개어 와주어서 고마워!

(Translation by Sikoku @ Soompi: My gal Dahae who came to watch Carmen! Thanks for taking your time to come at such a busy time while readying for (your) comeback!)



At last we got something from Da-hae personally as she updated her Weibo with another picture with Bada ❤

Here is her message:

去看了BADA姐姐出演的音乐剧《carmen》。演得真的真的太棒了,把我感动到掉泪了呢!I LOVE U,姐姐!

(Translation: Went to see my sister BADA in the musical “Carmen”. Played really, really great. I was moved to tears! I LOVE U, my sister!)


Photo Credit: Bada Twitter and LDH Weibo


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One response to “Lee Da-hae visits Bada at her musical “Carmen”

  1. lizz

    miss da hae im waiting for your next project muah and i love you: ))


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