Dong-Hae Couple Reunited


*Flash Back To The All Wonderful Memories* ❤ ❤ ❤

I know it has been Eight Years since “My Girl” aired but that is one of the couples that doesn’t die with time passing. So, is this reunion really happening after this long time? the answer is YES as it is confirmed that Lee Da-hae and Lee Dong Wook will be staring in MBC new Weekend drama “Hotel King“.

I am sure this is a dream come true for all this couple and My Girl drama fans (although it is a late reunion somehow but better late than never, right? 😀 )

So, allow me to spazz a little about those two first before I get back to the news here ^^

My Girl GIF

We all know that “My Girl” was the main reason both shoot into stardom and their chemistry was amazing on and off screen and after the drama and with appearing together in many events they had a strong dating rumor going around back then and even until now that they actually dated in real life although they both denied it.

I think we will never know if this was true or not and I actually don’t care to know that but what we surely know that they are still good friends. Here is the last statements they said about each other as a proof 🙂

Da-hae in a letter sent to Wookie in his appearance on “Healing Camp” in September 2011 (kkk ^^)

I like how Lee Dong Wook is not only good-looking, but he has a lot of knowledge and has a warm heart. But I don’t like how he often rebukes me.

Translation Credit: Electric Ground

Wookie in his interview in December 2013 (he is almost saying that it is difficult to be Da-hae’s boyfriend 😀 )

I and Lee Da-hae had many memories. Everytime when she is sad, I’m sad too. We like each other, because we always bring happiness to each other.

It can’t be denied that, at many times I had thought what will happen if Da-hae is my girlfriend. One time I had told Da-hae: “I really miss you”. Then she replies: “My others partners in other dramas also talk to me like you but nobody sent me a message such as ‘Good Morning’ or present flowers to me…”

Lee Da Hae is lovely but to become her boyfriend, the guy ought to have a tough personality. Because, even she laugh a lot, but she’s sensitive and tend to make her boyfriend to drown in…her flood of tears.

Translation Credit: Bosco_96 @ Soompi


Now back to the news 😉

So we didn’t only get a big news about Da-hae come back but also with this as a BIG bonus!! That has to be an A.M.A.Z.I.N.G Day !!

But I wonder why I am not as excited about this news as I should be? 😦

I am really sorry for my lovely couple because I feel this way. Yes, there is no doubt I LOVE those two individually and together and they are one of my favorite drama couples of all time and I can’t remember how many times I wished that I just see them together again once but I am in a panic mode now and my heart feels heavy because I am actually afraid that my lovely memories of them together will be ruined with this drama T_T

From the synopsis about the drama that we got till now

Cha Jae-Wan (Lee Dong-Wook) and his mother were abandoned by his father. As an adult, he begins to work at a hotel and stands up against his father.

I feel nothing new about it and nothing that interests me. In addition to that long Weekend dramas are not my thing (this is 32 Episodes) and adding MBC to the equation doesn’t help at all. I am also not sure about the writer and director as I didn’t watch any of their work.

So I am not sure if this is the project I wanted Da-hae to come back with 😦


So although seeing my Dong-Hae couple together alone is a great news and such a treat for me and I am surely so curious on how their chemistry will be after this long time but I am afraid that if this ends up being not a good project or even not on the same level as “My Girl”, it will leave me with a bitter feeling about this couple rather than the great memories I have now (I don’t want another IRIS II which left me with bad memory about Da-hae and Hyukie couple)

But I keep telling myself that I shouldn’t be judging too early and if Da-hae accepted this already, I surely will support her hoping that the role is not just a shadow to the male lead  (as this seems to be a male-centric drama) or a typical drama heroine but rather a well written dark role (as this supposed to be a melo drama) that allows her to stretch her acting skills and grow more as an actress.

I am really looking forward to know more about her role and may be this couple reunion will make them shine once again. PLEASE be great drama, my Dong-Hae couple surely deserves that *praying*

“Hotel King” is scheduled to air its first episode on 29th of March following “Golden Rainbow” so they surely need to start filming ASAP.

Credit: As Tagged and Tumblr



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19 responses to “Dong-Hae Couple Reunited

  1. samzzy

    oh dear, don’t worry to much, we have gone through so many together, so just let this pair create another sensation again. Btw, i have post this to Hotel king’s thread-hope you don’t mind.


    • Yes we surely did and I wished we get time off from that with Da-hae comeback this time but I shouldn’t have wish for this,right? because my girl seems to always love to make me worried and frustrated 😀
      I am really praying here and wish from all my heart that this drama will be really good and allow our Dong-Hae couple shine one more time even more than the first time.
      And I actually need to thank you dear for posting it there. You are making publicity for me 😉


  2. That idea crossed my mind when I read this news. That repeating a couple is not always a good idea because it has the potential of ruining the good memories. And I haven’t even watched My Girl, but the Iris2 experience was just so bad. Still, there is nothing to do but hope for the best. I truly wish DaHae the best of luck with this drama 😊❤️👍


    • Yes, exactly. But I am trying to think positive about this hoping that my last experience with her drama and reunion won’t be repeated.


      • I think I’ve been sort of healed from the last experience. I don’t even feel bitter anymore. I think rewatching Robbers and scenes of Chuno helped 😊 One fail can’t erase the goodness for me. Despite Robbers not being a success, I loved their story, characters and chemistry. Despite the criticism she got on Chuno, it is a great drama, she looked stunning, they had a chemistry that made me scream and hurt deeply, there were scenes of her that I loved! where she emoted beautifully. My favorite being the one when Unnyun sees Daegil at the marketplace. She expressed everything with her eyes. So you see? there is always something good even among the bad. Let’s just think positive.


  3. Yay! Love this couple! It’s been so long since “My Girl” aired so I will keep an eye out for this new drama. I’m sure the storyline will be fine; the synopsis seems very vague and lacking so I’m so sure there’s more to it than that! I’m excited!


  4. CP

    Hi AQ
    It seems a while I left cold and wet UK, also actually reading your blog!!
    I am indeed pleased for LDH, she really needs a couple of appearances in the silver screen (tv series or movies) to regain her confidence at this stage of her acting career. Samzzy and the rest are right, you ought to think positive. Whatever the role charecter this HOTEL KING demands, she is matured and skillful enough to make it works. As she gets older, she surely knows in her inner soul that she has to pull it through when opportunity like this comes by, and no more excuses like the EAST OF EDEN or others.
    She also has to market her images properly from now on, like avoiding make up of her looking 17 (most confusing when one tries to picture her in web search). I can only hope FNC Entertainment and herself will work out a way for this to reach the wider target audience. Just keep to MISS RIPLEY look and acting will be OK, less the pools of tears!
    Leaving out the first few episodes which may center on Wookie, the male lead, there will bound to be a couple episodes the writer will concentrate on her role leading to her taking over the hotel business, and I am sure she can handle this. So I hope to see the followings:-
    1. She will have plenty of fun acting opposite Wookie (were’nt both expressed the wish to act again since MY GIRL?).
    2. I remember she said during an interview in China hoping to be offered a lively and bubbly role one day (her second wish comes true?).
    3. She will have a groovy wardrobe (like those in Arnaldo Bassini?) to wear and look sophisticated and gorgeous as her role demands. That will please her to no end!
    4.At the end of this series, that she and Wookie will collapse in each other arms, kiss, and say I LOVE YOU (that will please all her fans for such happy and hilariously ending?)
    So AQ, what more will we all want other than to send our blessings and good luck for the best to LDH!!!


    • CP, of course my girl always has my wishes of good luck and with wookie here too so I really want this to be a successful project. Both need some good push to their career and as I said may be being together again will give them that.

      In all cases, I am feeling much better now actually although I am still worried (yes that doesn’t go away easily :D) but I am more positive and I am giving my head some vacation to let my heart which is filled of Dong-Hae love have a chance to celebrate ^^


  5. Hi! I’m I’m just curious about Lee Dong Wook’s interview that you posted. Is that a legitimate interview? Because if it is, that certainly tells a lot. I am one of the few who have followed them back in 2006, and I was almost sure that there is really something going on between the two (and I am much delighted with their reunion in HK, and the circumstances surrounding it). If LDW really said what is said in that interview then I’d be so delighted! It’s just like blatantly saying that there was something between them. I cannot help but think that they used to be an item back in the day, or something unofficial but still an item. HAHA. What with the closeness, and I miss you’s and flowers, and would you remember all the “evidences” that kept popping left and right back in the day? :))) AHHHHHHHHH!!! This is such a magnificent revival!


    • Hi chinggu, thanks for commenting 🙂
      About that interview, I have posted the link above from Vietnam site and it mentioned that the interview was aired on SNTV-SCTV6 channel there So, I think you can believe that he really said that 😉 😀
      But do you really think you are one of the few?? although I didn’t know anything about them at that time but I know that Dong-Hae shippers were all over the universe at that time and you are surely won’t the only one who thought about them being an item. I saw many videos posts and special thread about them.
      But I am afraid we will never be sure about if they really dated unless they actually say that themselves but who actually cares, I guess the feelings they gave their fans will forever be a very special memory and this reunion revived those memories once again ❤


  6. gillyweed

    daebak for this couple


  7. Coming back here now that the drama’s done. Hehehe, what do you think now? Aren’t you glad they reunited?

    I felt the same way you did. Being that My Girl was one of my first dramas, one of my favourite dramas, it was a memorable experience. I was very excited but like you, I was anxious this would ruin my goodwill from the My Girl days. But now, boy am I glad LDW made that phone call!!

    Hotel King for sure has a lot of flaws and made nowhere the kind of crazy rating that My Girl brought, but the OTP was nothing short of amazing. I didn’t think it was possible, but I’m shipping them more now than I did all those years ago.


    • Haha, I am happy to know I wasn’t the only one who felt that way because I really felt so sorry for them because of how I felt at that time 😀

      But yes like you, whatever my disappointments in the drama itself and Dahae role specially there which were some of the worries of mine I wrote here and unfortunately that it came true but I am still so happy they did reunite in HK because yes when it comes to them and their chemistry I am more than amazed !! I can’t even believe how much emotions they poured in their love line!!

      OK, I will stop here but I will surely write more about this in my final post about the drama 😉


  8. The fact that dong wook called da hae for the role in hotel king is already a manifestation and proof that they are really close to each other..Da hae’s number in wookie’s cellphone…there is really something special…


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  10. Wow . Hotel king is a very beautiful drama. Itz really nice. We love Mr.General Manager and Ms.Chairman. cute couple. Wish them all the very best to act nicely in their up coming dramas too.


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