Lee Da-hae’s Upcoming Drama “Hotel King” Characters Description and Cast


I have been complaining about the lack of news and updates of Lee Da-hae but now I am not sure how I am going to handle next months to come specially when the promotions and the drama broadcast starts??!!

I think I need to clone myself to be able to keep up with this but how many clones I will need? I think 3 will be enough, one to go to work and to handle my real life, one to watch and enjoy my dramas and one to keep track of all the news and update the blog here. I think it is time to go watch “Multiplicity” again in trial to figure out the way to do that, kkk 😀

Now and although my worries about the drama are still there (yes I can’t rid of that) but I decided to be more positive about this as I asked myself, why this couldn’t actually be an opportunity for these two to even be in a better drama than “My Girl“? couldn’t this happen? it surely can and I hope it will and so I will keep this idea till we see what the drama give us.

Also I must admit that reading all the spazz yesterday about Dong-Hae couple reunion in “Hotel King“, elevated my excitement level to a dangerous degree and now I just want to see those two together *swooning*

I am thinking that this is actually my own second chance, because I wasn’t actually part of all the spazz, hard shipping and stalking of this couple back in “My Girl” days as I watched the drama in 2007 after its original broadcast by long time so it seems this is my opportunity to watch and follow this couple live this time, kkk ^^

And not only the fans are spazzing but joined the party is Lee Joon Ki as he tweeted about it yesterday


Seol Gong Chan  Joo Yoo Rin~! kkk cough

This is just SO FUNNY and I actually demand now a cameo or at least a set visit to our couple 😉

Also Da-hae updated her Weibo yesterday with this message:

大家好!我要拍新的电视剧了!哈哈 。。我应该看剧本但是现在却在上中文课[嘻嘻]不能放弃学中文! 对啦!在第一集中有中文台词,虽然很短[呵呵]

(Translation: Hello Everyone! I am going to have a new drama! Haha. I should look at the script but now in the Chinese class. Can’t give up learning Chinese! Yes! In the first episode have I Chinese lines, although very short)

Now let me share the info we got so far about the characters and cast of our anticipated drama 🙂


Lee Da-hae will play the role of “Ah Mo Ne” who is the only daughter of Ah Sung-Won the CEO of the only seven stars hotel in Korea “CIEL Hotel” and so she is the heiress of the hotel. She is bubbly and easy-going character who was brought up like a princess and so don’t have much of life experience.

Lee Dong Wook will play the role of “Cha Jae Wan” who is the manager of the “CIEL Hotel” and who people call “hotel monster” because of his cold, calm and realistic personality. He does not express his feelings and has built a wall around his heart because of his painful past and tough childhood as his father left him and his mother. But he overcame all that and became a successful hotelier and manager.

Due to an unexpected incident, Ah Mo Nae will have to struggle to save her father’s hotel which gets endangered and will get help from manager Cha Jae wan. Then the drama will follow the love story between our heiress and manager who will become the absolute enemy of his father for her.


You surely noticed this: Hotel Setup + Bubbly Heroine who speaks Chinese + Cold Hero??? it surely gives flashback to “My Girl” (not that we actually needed more of that after we got our Dong-Hae Reunion 😀 ) but even with that I don’t think there will be any story similarities between this drama and My Girl. Also this time the hotel heiress is Da-hae’s character 😉

Now after this information, it seems this is not a male-centeric drama as I thought before but it appears it has equal lead roles which is a good news for me because it means more of my girl on screen ^^ also I don’t think this will be a pure melodrama at all as I thought and although I wanted to see Da-hae in a more dark and tough heroine role next not a bubbly one but this role doesn’t bother me either.

And also Da-hae wanted to do a bubbly character again so I am happy she got what she wanted and from the description it seems the character has a good growing curve which if done right could give her a good material to work with and show us some acting chops.


Back to the rest of the cast 🙂

Joining our leads in his first ever acting role, N (The Leader of  boy band VIXX) who will play the role of “Noah” one of the hotel employees who is said to be the mood maker to the drama adding the fun through his character’s bright and youthful personality.

Also Jewelry’s member Kim Ye Won will play the role of front desk staff at the hotel who dreams to escape the mundane life by meeting her wealthy prince charming through her work in the hotel.

Another cast member is Gong Hyun Joo who will play the role of “Cha Soo An” a beautiful woman who has Hotel Business Master and MBA from Cornell university in New York and can speak 6 languages (I think she will also be working in the hotel but I can’t be sure from the translation)

Sources: SBS, KoreaBoo Blog, WowTV, Innolife, BtnNews



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10 responses to “Lee Da-hae’s Upcoming Drama “Hotel King” Characters Description and Cast

  1. Leeda

    I am flipping like a fish out of water.i am so excited. I do not care about the storyline but on the rumored relationship might come true after all.


    • kkkk, thanks for commenting.
      I am also thinking that regardless of my words now, I might end up just staring at these two on my screen when the drama comes and forget all about the story line 😀 😀


  2. CP

    Yes, AQ
    You have the right attitude now, so think positive. My guess is that it may turn out to be a comedy tv series in the end, give or take a few crying scenes from LDH!
    I also hope to see LDH will have the opportunity to speak all the languages she knows, and that we will have a catchy song or tune which we can sing along like in MY GIRL. So we will wait to take whatever development for the series in a relaxed philosophical manner.


    • Yes CP I am in a happy mode now 😀
      And ooh yes please give us this drama. I also want her to use her language talent and being in an agency that produces OSTs and songs, why not make her sing a song here (yes I know she is not that good of a singer but when she sings she makes me feel happy <3)


  3. CP

    Why not indeed! I did suggest something about her singing sometime ago? May not not Tina Turner or Boonie Tyler type of rookie rock song, but Celine Dion kind of seductive song like FALLING INTO YOU. She can sing in Korean perhaps getting lost in the act of rescuing her hotel in the piano bar, with Wookie staring wide eyes and opening jaw at the background, and may be that is when he falls for her?


  4. would be great to watch again Da hae and Dong Wook again ^^ In the moment Joon Gi tweet about them, i firstly thought he also join to the drama~kk


    • WOW, thanks chingu for commenting and for your great blog. I am happy to find a blog all about LJK but I hoped I could understand more 😉
      About LJK tweet, he surely killed me with that. It is just so CUTE and funny of him and made me dying to see the three of them together again ❤
      And I have to say that while I never dared to dream about dong-Hae reunion (yes I thought it was impossible to happen and also wanted their amazing memories together to be left alone 😀 ) but I always SO wanted for Dahae to work with LJK again specially that he matured so much after his military service and they were so adorable together specially off screen so, I wanted to see them acting together as the OTP and give him another chance to get the girl ^^


      • Thank you, dear, for like my blog. It;s bulgarian blog, so… kkk But i am happy i find this blog. Wow, your worrds really make me dream for Joon Gi and Da Hae couple again, (i like them more as couple in My Girl, and just for the record, that was one of my first kdramas and i still was not fan of JG), Yoo Rin and Jung Woo were the best~~ But who knows, if not this year, maybe next…
        Will visit often this blog^^


        • Thanks dear ^^ I used translator and could understand some of your lovely posts ❤
          When I watched My Girl I also wasn't Dahae fan too, heheh 😀
          Honestly I wasn't a fan of LJK acting or somehow girlish look back then but I really liked his chemistry with Dahae (their scenes always was swoon worthy) and LOVED his personality off screen and specially in those BTS videos with Dahae (SO CUTE and FUNNY).After that and now the man is ON FIRE and did grow a lot as an actor and I am totally a fan ❤
          And as Dahae is "The Reunion Queen" (she is always attracting actors to do other projects with her) so why not with LJK. Please drama god, make this happen and how awesome it will be if it is a movie *crossing fingers*


          • From your mouth to God of drama’s ears… They both have very energetic personality, very good actors, so, what to expect if not very good drama/movie and fun BTS?
            But, until then, sureli I’ll enjoy Dong Wook and Da Hae new drama.


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