Latest “Hotel King” Casting News


I need to thank fans who are creating really great posters for us and our drama. Here is one of them above ❤

But how I hoped that I would be posting here a picture of my Dong-Hae couple reunion. But unfortunately we didn’t get that yet although there was some news about the script reading session being held on 15 February but you know sometimes they don’t release such pictures at once.

I am waiting eagerly for this moment when I see the first picture of Lee Da-hae and Lee Dong Wook together, I am just feeling I will just faint or go crazy when this happens. So, I am taking precautions from now 😀

On the other hand, we got some casting news about “Hotel King” in the last couple days and I am feeling good about the cast till now even though some are rookies or didn’t act before or actually I didn’t see them in any work but it is just a feeling 😉

Kim Hae Sook, Wang Ji Hye, Yoo Jin

So, first came the news about Kim Hae Sook considering a role in the drama (yes she is not confirmed yet). I am actually not sure about the role but I guess she will be either Cha Jae Wan or Ah Mo Ne mother, right? I really like her and she will be actually reunited with Da-hae through this drama after she was her mother in law in Drama “Robber”.

Also we got our second female lead and of course she will be involved in a love triangle with our OTP. She is actress Wang Ji Hye who will play former announcer and hotel restaurant owner at the hotel “Song Chae Kyung” and also Cha Jae Wan’s old lover who left him for money and married another man but then wasn’t able to forget him and decides to win him back to her side. I think WJH is very brave taking this role just for the fact that she will be facing 8 years thirsty Dong-Hae fans, kkk ^^ (just kidding)

And lastly rookie actor Yoo Jin joined the cast as the team leader in charge of VIP guests. He is surprisingly a familiar face for me as I saw him in a small role in “IRIS II

And before finishing this post, let me share what Da-hae and Wookie said to the media through their agencies about their feeling joining the drama.


I decided on this role because the story about a hotel sparked my curiosity. Cha Jae Hwan, who becomes a hotelier after going through a tough childhood, is very charming.


It is exciting to perform the lovely and cheerful character in long time. I will do my best so that I can be admired as Ah Mo Ne. Please look forward to it.

I am sure we will get more casting news in the upcoming days and I actually read that the poster shooting will be on 24th February. So, stay tuned for more posts about “Hotel King” 😉

Photo Credit: As Tagged | Sources: AjuNews, SportsSeoul, StarNews, Innolife, KdramaStars


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