“Hotel King” Gets second Male Lead and Adds more Cast + First picture of our OTP


YAY, thanks to the fan who had this surprise encounter with our cast, we got our first look at our leads together while having lunch during a training for their roles as hoteliers which was held in a hotel in Seoul.

We can see Lee Dong Wook side face clearly but what a pity we just got to see Lee Da-hae‘s back here (she is the one crossing her legs) but I am still so excited just knowing they are standing that close  to each other ❤ ^^

And you should have guessed by now just from the picture who is our second male lead, right? (Hint: he is the one standing beside Wookie :D)


So after we got the news about our second female lead, it was the time to get to know who will be the second male lead and he turned to be 2AM Seulong who will play the role of “Sun Woo Hyun” a concierge who has been working in the hotel for 3 years and described as hard working and sincere and he  got the job at the hotel because of his English and impressive attitude but he is also a loud character and often is at odds with the manager and the two later become love rivals over Ah Mo Ne.

And some news reports give us more info about the plot revealing that the hotel chairman/CEO will die (so this is the reason Ah Mo Ne will have to step forward and take care of the hotel??) and that Sun Woo Hyun who considered him as his role model will be Ah Mo Ne’s personal concierge after his death to take care of her and help her through her struggle to save the hotel.

I really like this role as it seems he is a likable character and also cause of the fact that he is not a chaebol (yes I imagined our second lead will be that) but just a concierge who also helping our heroine and I actually feel like laughing just imagining how he will be our princessy heroine personal concierge and how this can result in some lovely scenes between the two of them ^^


Kim Hae Sook, Seol Hyun, Lee Duk Hwa

On the other hand more names is added to our cast with AOA’s Seol Hyun playing the role of “Lee Da Bae” who has nice and pure heart character and is the only daughter of the hotel’s vice president and playing the evil Vice President “Lee Jung Gu” is actor Lee Duk Hwa. So I can guess that the vice president will want to control/takes over the hotel after the death of our hotel CEO/heroine father.

Also we got confirmation about Kim Hae Sook cast in the drama but surprisingly she is not playing a mother here but on the other hand she is playing the role of “Baek Mi Nyeo” a training manager at the hotel who is taking care about fashion and beauty. Oh I like this surprise and I am totally looking forward to KHS transformation here ❤


Also we got news that singer/actor Alex Chu, Kim Gyu Sun and actor Ji Il Joo will be playing other hotel staff members.

So that will be the wrap up for our casting news (I guess!!) and with all the names we got, it seems we have many idols and rookies here and although generally I surely don’t have anything against that but I just wished there were more veterans or more experienced actors to make some balance but all in all I am still happy with the cast for now and hope they all will do great in there roles.

And also another note, it seems this drama is surely the drama of reunions 😀 so not only our Dong-Hae are reunited here and Da-hae with Kim Hae Sook but also Seulong is getting to work again with Wookie after there last drama together “The Fugitive of Joseon” and with Wang Ji Hye after “Personal Taste” so I am sure the filming set will be really fun, kkk ^^

Now I am ready to get some pictures and news about the drama filming, poster shooting … etc. Please MBC give us this ASAP and don’t tease us again with a picture like below where we don’t see any of our cast faces !!!!! (MBC posted this picture from the cast training session on there MBC PR twitter account)


Credit: As Tagged | Sources: TenAsia, HanCinema, KpopStarsMyDaily, StarNews, DongA, Hankooki, XSportsNews



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3 responses to ““Hotel King” Gets second Male Lead and Adds more Cast + First picture of our OTP

  1. shally

    Good luck for Seulong and Wang Ji Hye because they have to fight us, 8 year old thirsty DongHae shippers ㅋㅋㅋ (kidding, of course) I never watch weekend dramas, but I will watch it for the DongHae reunion. And the other casts seems fun. The day when they release the first official posters will be the death of me.


    • Yes, I totally blame My Dong-Hae for forcing me to try weekend dramas 😀 but at least that means we will get 32 episodes of them together to make up for our dry 8 years 😉


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