Dong-Hae Couple at “Hotel King” Script Reading + Other Updates


OOH at last my friends we got our strong proof that this is all not just a dream or an illusion as we got to see pictures of Lee Da-hae, Lee Dong Wook and the rest of the cast at the Script reading session for our anticipated drama “Hotel King“.

My heart beats were going crazy when I first saw these pictures and my Laptop literally shared the same feeling and could even survive that as it shutdown twice every time I star at those pictures more than 5 seconds ( I am totally not kidding here 😀 )

So, although we didn’t get a very clear picture of our Dong-Hae couple setting beside each other or interacting but how I can’t be happy seeing them looking this gorgeous in a matching outfits and almost the same hair color like a real couple *Squeeeee*

I totally love how fresh and lovely Da-hae looks, her white flawless skin glows and her red lips…oooh why didn’t they make them rehearse a kiss scene already in that session !! Ok pardon my wild thinking here ^^

Now before those thoughts acquire my thinking again, let me share more about what happened in that session and the latest update about our drama 🙂


All of the cast members gathered at MBC Dream Center in Ilsan and Seoul’s Lotte Hotel for for two rounds of script reading sessions in the middle of February and they completed the sessions successfully in an enjoyable environment.

Before the script reading took place, Kim Jin Min CP (chief producer) said, “We’re going to put our full trust in the staff and writer,” and Kim Dae Jin PD said, “I hope we can all enjoy our start. I’m going to do my best.”

Lee Dong Wook commented, “Instead of saying that I’ll work hard, I’ll try to do my best.” Lee Da-hae remarked, “I don’t get nervous easily, but I did get a little nervous over here. But I think I can film the drama comfortably, thanks to my seniors and juniors.”


Lee Deok Hwa said, “The success of the drama isn’t the priority, what’s most important is that there are no accidents. I can’t promise about anything else, but I will definitely treat everyone to lots of alcohol as much as I can,” And actress Kim Hae-sook followed by saying “well then, I will buy the meals.” which led to much cheers among the younger cast members.

After a brief introduction, the cast members then got down to reading their lines. Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da-hae especially drew much attention cause although it’s been a long time since they met, the two still showed superb chemistry as they read their lines while seating together. The two are said to have hit it off and made the whole room alive as Lee Dong Wook perfectly portrayed the cold general manager Cha Jae Wan while Lee Da-hae filled with room with laughter through her bright and energetic acting.

2AM’s Im Seulong also actively immersed himself into the positive role of Sun Woo Hyun, while Wang Ji Hye added even more colour to the session with her portrayal Song Chae Kyung.


Also Da-hae updated her Weibo with a message and the pictures of the Script Reading ❤


(Google Translation: The first time we read the script together)


Also we confirmed that the cast indeed shoot the posters on 24th February as Wang Ji Hye updated us with a picture (she looks amazing here <3) and I totally can’t wait for the posters to come out.


And we got a look at VIXX’s N  exercising his hotelier role 🙂


And last but not least, I think this is a picture of Seulong Filming for the drama or at the poster shooting (why not smiling 😉 )


Photo Credit: MBC and FNC Facebook | Source: KpopFighting and CJ E&M enewsWorld via Yahoo Celebrity

Rather than only working hard



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9 responses to “Dong-Hae Couple at “Hotel King” Script Reading + Other Updates

  1. It’s the step mom from Robber, Yay! I just watched the new running man episode with. So funny.


  2. ran

    “Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da-hae especially drew much attention cause although it’s been a long time since they met, the two still showed superb chemistry as they read their lines while seating together.” This sentence, though. I’m smiling widely like an idiot and getting all giddy and happy and wanna cry and basically, SO MUCH FEELS. *excuse me while I cry in happiness*


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