More Pictures from “Hotel King” Script Reading


Is that picture above is the best you could do? MBC please don’t torture us here, this shouldn’t be the goal right?

I am so frustrated here chinggus, is it that hard to take a proper picture of Lee Da-hae and Lee Dong Wook together interacting or even just sitting beside each other looking at the camera? may be they are afraid we wouldn’t survive to see that or may be the camera is the one that wouldn’t survive it so they didn’t take that picture??!!

So, the good news is that we got many new pictures of some of our cast at the script reading session. But the bad news is that we still didn’t a proper picture of our Dong-Hae couple there and even no additional picture of Da-hae and our second main lead Seulong T_T

Ok Ok, I will try to wait patiently for more pictures (I doubt I will succeed though) and now let us enjoy seeing more of our good looking cast ❤

I totally love seeing everyone smiling and they all seem to enjoy their time and getting along well 🙂

HK_SR_7HK_SR_8HK_SR_9HK_SR_13HK_SR_12 HK_SR_11HK_SR_16 HK_SR_15HK_SR_14HK_SR_17 HK_SR_18 HK_SR_21HK_SR_20 HK_SR_19HK_SR_23 HK_SR_22 HK_SR_24 HK_SR_25 HK_SR_26HK_SR_27

This group of pictures of Wookie and Kim Hae Sook are my favorite ❤

HK_SR_28HK_SR_30 HK_SR_29

Credit: MBC Cupitter 8 Blog via Samzz @ Soompi


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