Lee Da-hae Latest Selcas

I am really thankful for FNC Entertainment for their updates about Lee Da-hae, they are making a noticeable effort to put our girl back into the spotlight in Korea and I really hope their efforts will be fruitful and will be translated to more projects for her after “Hotel King“.

So, FNC updated their Facebook page with some Selcas sent by our cute girl. It is always a treat to see more of Da-hae and I totally love that they are translating their messages to English for international fans ❤

As always with no make-up, my girl looks so fresh, cute and young but on the other hand she looks really thin and I am getting worried that with the filming for the drama and the live shooting schedule (specially that the drama is quite long) she will loose more weight (she usually suffer from that when filming any project 😦 )


Here is the pictures accompanied with the messages ^^

23 February 2014: Good morning! Actress Lee Da-Hae has sent us a picture of herself, taken on her bed. Start with your day fresh with Lee Da-Hae’s pretty pic~

26 February 2014: Hello everyone! Actress Lee Da-Hae sent a pic for you during the preparation for MBC’s new drama, ‘Hotel King’. She looks so cute and beautiful, doesn’t she? Please look forward for her acting as the role ‘Amone’ in the upcoming drama, ‘Hotel King’!

Credit: FNC Facebook Page


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