More of Dong-Hae Couple Skinship!!! Squeeeeee!!!


This keeps looking better and better and my heart is now dancing from joy seeing more of Lee Da-hae and Lee Dong Wook skin ship during that hotel service training session while preparing for their roles in “Hotel King“.

How can they be this CUTE??!! I am melting ^_^ and I must say that I see Da-hae is looking specially happy lately 😉 and I totally LOVE it ❤

Wookie seems immersed in his cold character role already but I think that our cheerful heroine managed to make him smile 😀

HK_Train_2 HK_Train_3 HK_Train_4 HK_Train_5 HK_Train_6 HK_Train_7 HK_Train_8HK_Train_9HK_Train_10HK_Train_12HK_Train_13 HK_Train_11HK_Train_14 HK_Train_15 HK_Train_16 HK_Train_17

And I must say that not just Dong-Hae couple but all our cast looking so lovely and cute in those pictures. Seulong really have a lovely smile and I specially like the trio N, Kim Ye Won and Ji Il Joo and I already would like to see N and Yewon as a couple in the drama ❤

And here is a SUPER ADORABLE Gif ♥ ♥ ♥

How cute of my girl to make some face and movements to get a smile from our cold hero 😀 and you may guessed that I saved this to the end to make sure you will be able to see the whole post because this Gif may lead to some heart problems, kkk ^^

Dong-Hae Cute GIF

Credit: MBC Cupitter Blog



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12 responses to “More of Dong-Hae Couple Skinship!!! Squeeeeee!!!

  1. samzzy

    Aq, as far as I remember, during MY GIRL, that’s Wookie reaction off screen, he always like that, sometimes cold, caring, funny and sometimes always on his own world.


    • Yes I noticed that too. And also our girl is still the one with the big smile and loud laugh. Actually that nature of him and how our girl do react some times is what I liked in their BTS videos 😀


  2. Aren’t they the cutest? I am so happy that my long-time otp is back. That gif makes me melt like a popsicle. That cold expression of LDW and LDH’s cheerfulness make them a really great match. Looking forward for more ”mature/sweet” scenes on their new drama coz unlike My Girl they were very fresh and innocent back then but now I can see that they’ve grown and bloom into a person we want for them to be. Anw, I loooove your blog. Keep it up! 🙂


    • Oh, happy you like my blog and thanks for commenting ❤
      And about our couple, they surely are ^_^ and like you, I am so excited to see how their chemistry will be and how they will portray their characters here which have similarities with theirs in "My Girl" (The cold hero and cheerful heroine) after all this time and after they matured as persons and actors.


  3. O no problem 🙂 It’s great to know that there are still Dong-Hae shippers like you guys. This reunion project of LDH and LDW means so much to me you know how my fan girl’s heart works and still continue believing in them, no matter how long it takes. Now, I’m itching to watch Hotel King’s first episode. ❤


    • Hi, it is great to see another shipper joining the gang 😉
      You are not alone Chingu, the waiting for the drama is killing me here and April can’t seem to come quickly enough T_T


  4. Yeah, you said it right! April is still too far for me but on the brighter side atleast we’ll get to see them together again. I’ve been rooting for LDH and LDW to become a couple officially since My Girl era and yesss still keeping my hopes up for this lovely pair. I remember there were rumors before that they dated or became a couple but I don’t know how true since the two both denied it. Can they give it another chance and one more try? Haha!


    • Yes we will never know how far they went but I am so happy that it seems they really kept in touch and got to work together again (which is something I thought would be impossible)
      And whatever the case and how their relation in real life, I will enjoy what they give me on screen and in my imaginary world they are and will be forever my beloved Couple ❤


  5. Cindy

    This is awesome blog. Thanh you so much! I’m so in love with Dong-Hae……….can’t wait to weekend……


    • Hi thanks for commenting and I am really happy to see more Dong-Hae fans are joining me here ^^
      And me too. I am counting the days till the weekend, this is really a very long week T_T


  6. gigi1026

    :-)im not a shipper coz since ive watch the my girl,they have been my favorite couple…wish they will be a real watching “hotel king”,just waiting for the nxt episode 15 n more…fighting dong-hae!!!


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