“Hotel King” pushes back its premier date and releases first filming stills


Why you do this to me MBC??? This is a PURE torture T_T

Yes it is a very bad news to know that I will have to wait one additional week to see Lee Da-hae and her reunion with Lee Dong Wook. I was already wondering how I will survive the wait for the next month and now it is even extended T_T

So because of the cancellation of a “Golden Rainbow” episode on 22 February due to Olympics broadcast, MBC now pushed back “Hotel King” premier one week to air its first episode on 5th April instead of 29th March but I am not sure actually if that means a one episode extension for “Golden Rainbow” or that they will air something else on 30th March night.

But this seems to be a kind of mandatory move as Wooki SBS’ 3D 2-part drama “Kang Goo’s Story” will actually air now on 29th and 30th of March on 8:55 PM, it is not that I wouldn’t be happy seeing Wookie for two hours in two different dramas back to back on those days but I personally think it wouldn’t be a good idea to do that for the sake of more viewers believe and feeling for his characters in both dramas.

And also although I am SO SAD about this but I still feel good knowing that our cast will benefit from this additional week in filming the drama before starting their live shooting mode. So, OK I think will accept this decision.

On the other hand, the drama released the first filming stills featuring young Cha Jae Wan (Lee Dong Wook role).


Playing the young Cha Jae Wan is child actor Choi Ha Ho and in the stills you can totally get the image of how much miserable childhood our hero had. I guess, our hero get to spend that time in New York. And we also got to see Lee Duk Hwa in that last shot on which I guess the news report said there is a hidden secret about their relation.

So here is my theory about this which I got in my mind since the casting news (but take care there is no evidence this is actually true)

We know that our hero want to take revenge from his father and he will face him while helping and protecting our heiress. So the question, why we didn’t get news about any actor get casted as the father?? And from here I thought, so may be our evil hotel vice president (played by Lee Duk Hwa) is actually the father!! and may be as he tries to take over the hotel our hero get to face and fight him together with our heroine to save the hotel.

And here is more about the background story of our hero

When Cha Jae Wan was young, he lived in a happy family with his parents, his father is a owner of many hotels and famous resorts, but when he start feeling bored with his wife, he gets involved in a relationship with another woman. Then his wife discover the story which leads to numerous arguments between them, as a result he evicts Cha Jae Wan and his mother  from their house with no money in order to live with his mistress.

Cha Jae Wan and his mother come back to their hometown and live a difficult life, his mother gets sick and die after that because they don’t have enough money for her treatment. Cha Jae Wan has hatred toward his father, After his graduation, he begins revenge. He works in various small tourism companies and then gradually appoints to higher positions, he holds large number of big projects in the city and his goal is to make his father to loose everything and makes him feel the miserableness that Cha Jae Wan had to endure in the past.

Translation Credit: Bosco_96 @ soompi

MBC at least to make up my suffer through the wait which got longer now, give me my OTP still soon OK??

Credit: As Tagged and MBC via Naver



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9 responses to ““Hotel King” pushes back its premier date and releases first filming stills

  1. Hey, I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award http://kdramadreamer.wordpress.com/


  2. i cnt wait da hotel king dvd disc to rchd india…it wud b grt once agn to c dz fav couple castng togetr..eagrly waitng..


    • It will surely be amazing to own the DVD for this drama specially if this drama end up being really good as we all hope *praying*
      But I am happy that we don’t need to wait till then to see them together, thanks to Internet, Hallyu wave and Kdrama fans 😀


  3. ope n pray dat evn dz tym it wud create magical lyk ty did in MY Girl drama…mi best wishez goez to mi fav actres dae hae.


  4. da problm iz ot here v dnt av any korean chanels..n evn last yr i tried to watch da iris 2, trou intrnet bt ol da episode waz half uploaded..wtot subtitlez evn dat i fail..cn u plz plz name me da website whr i cn download it..plz


  5. tanz a zilion tymz.m gna njoy watchng tn..tanz..


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