Lee Da-hae Narrates CNBLUE SBS Come Back Show – [Videos]

Lee Da-hae was the narrator for CNBLUE’s special comeback show that aired on SBS on the 3rd of March 00:15 AM.

Being label mates (both belong now to FNC Entertainment), she did that to show her support for CNBLUE and it was also said that Da-hae caught a cold the day before recording but despite being sick she still showed her professionalism by showing up and giving her all (OH I am sad to know that my girl was sick, hope she is better now 😦 )

You may already know by now how obsessed fan I am of Da-hae and I would surely watch whatever crappy show to see a glimpse of her or just hear her voice. But thankfully this wasn’t one of those times I had to endure such pain for my girl’s sake 😀

And that is because I totally LOVE this CNBLUE mini album. It may actually include some of my all time favorite songs of them. It is also fascinating that the songs are actually written by the young members themselves!! ❤

So hearing both some of my favorite songs (which are already on my playlist lately) specially in a live performances and also hear my girl’s cute, soft and lovely voice, that was indeed AWESOME ♥♥

Check below for the show videos 🙂

Here is a playlist for the show videos English subbed, in the first part our girl appeared in the right bottom corner doing the narration at min 5:35 ❤

P.S. Watch now as it may be taken down by SBS

Videos Credit: CNBLUE U.S.A YT Channel | Source: ttwigo



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2 responses to “Lee Da-hae Narrates CNBLUE SBS Come Back Show – [Videos]

  1. CNBLUE, Lee Da-hae loveeeeeeeeeeeeee


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