Lee Da-hae participates in MBC Star Charity Auction

Along with other stars, Lee Da-hae donated some of her personal items for MBC star charity auction to help children in Myanmar. The Auction will take place from the noon of Tuesday, March 04 to midnight of Thursday, March 06.

OH, I must say that I am totally IN LOVE with her super elegant style specially her hair. I don’t think I have seen her before with this hair color so I am happy she is trying something new and I think it really matches well with her white skin ^^ And it seems that this will be her style as our hotel heiress “Ah Mo Ne” in “Hotel King” and I totally approve on that ♥♥

What do you think, Do you approve too? 🙂

Check below for the video in which she introduced her lovely items and also for more pictures and caps.

Da-hae part starts at 3:47, the items are Blouses and Candles 🙂

Credit: samzz @ soompi and MBC Entertainment YT Channel



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3 responses to “Lee Da-hae participates in MBC Star Charity Auction

  1. m rly die hard fan of lee dae hae frm india..ur rly doin a grt job…plz do update evry singl newz abt her…lov lov hr..


    • Thanks dear, it is always my pleasure to update our girl’s news. As long as she give us many of them and I have enough time, I will surely update here 🙂
      And how nice to know that our girl have such a fan like you in India 😀


  2. shez da best 21st century korean actres..super talentd..


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