Lee Da-hae’s 45 degree bow

Lee Da-hae updated her Weibo today with a message and additional pictures (including the one above) of herself at the hotel service training session that was held for all “Hotel King” cast.

I can see from the pictures that actually Wookie did help her to get to do that 45 degree bow right. Just like she also did with him in the pictures we saw before but I am so sad that we didn’t get to see more pictures of that too. WHY MBC??? 😦

Here is Da-hae Message:

准备电视剧的时候 接受酒店礼仪教育时候的照片, 没想到打招呼的角度也这么难[汗][吃惊]

(Translation: To get Ready for my new drama, I received training for hotel etiquette. I’m surprised that the angle of greeting is so difficult)

Credit: LDH Weibo


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